All Lethal Company Team Roles Tips & Tricks

Wondering how your team should be playing each role in Lethal Company? Here are the best tips and tricks for all roles.

As a four man crew, it would be difficult if each crew member does not provide the best gameplay according to their roles. Since survival is the important element while you loot in Lethal Company, there should be no doubt in players mind and the entire team roles should be clear. Each member will have a different job and if you want some of the best tips and tricks for that, our guide has all you need.

There are numerous threats and dangers in Lethal Company that you can check out via the Bestiary. So, coordination is utmost for each member to survive with the loot. Of course, you may or may not find these tips and tricks helpful if you have a different kind of strategy in place. Nevertheless, if you want a good experience with your teammates, here are the steps you need.

All Tips and Tricks for Team Roles in Lethal Company

There are 4 crew members and the team roles should be properly specified among yourselves. Along with the roles, team members should know which items are best used with which role. If you are playing with a group of known players, communication and coordination will be quite easier. However, you might be playing with strangers but if you try these tips and tricks, it might turn out to be useful.

All Terminal Control Tips and Tricks

Terminal Operator Team Role Lethal Company
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The first role is of the Laziest Employee who will stay on the ship while the others head for scrap outside. Although it sounds easy, this role should be given to the most calm member of the group who can take decisions quickly. It is basically the role of a team coach who will communicate with the others regarding threats, loot location, strategies, and more.

  • As a Terminal Operator, you will have to keep an eye on each of the other players. However, comms officer is the one who will have another walkie talkie so make sure you are keeping an eye on them.
  • Each creature gives off different blips on the radar and players have to memorize each of them to warn the crew members of upcoming dangers.
  • Try to analyze the movements of the crew along with the movements of the enemies to make sure they don’t entangle.
  • The Terminal Operator needs to have a Teleporter handy at all times to teleport crewmates who are on the brink of death or in extreme danger and bring them back to the ship.
  • Two creatures, Eyeless Dog and Earth Leviathan are the biggest threat to your crew members. Always remember to keep watch for these two while scouting.
  • You can send out a delivery from the Terminal to your crew members if they need any item. This can also be done to distract the Eyeless Dog away from your crewmates.
  • Always keep a Loud Horn in hand in order to warn your crewmates or as a sign to return back to ship. Best use this when communication is done and you cannot connect via the comms.
  • Lastly, make sure you know the codes to open or close the door if and when necessary.

Here are some Lethal Company Computer Commands that you might find useful if you are new to this role.

All Comms Officer Tips and Tricks

Comms Officer Role Tips and Tricks
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Since having walkie talkie for each crew member is a waste of inventory, a Comms Officer should be assigned to connect with the Terminal Control. If Terminal Control is the coach, then the Comms Officer can be considered the team leader who takes up all instructions received from the ship and relay it to the team.

  • The most important task is to relay each information properly and as the Terminal Control instructs you. Try to avoid heavy discussion over the walkie talkie and do as instructed.
  • Since other team members will be blind to orders, make sure they are well informed and try to stay in a group if threat is imminent.
  • Stay with at least one member (preferably Weapons Expert) so you can Zap enemies and get rid of threats nearby. Being with one person means you can rescue if there is a person in danger (as instructed by TC).
  • Comms Officer has to be the one to perfectly place the Radar Booster so the Terminal Operator can ping when necessary.

All Weapons Expert Tips and Tricks

Weapons Expert or Specialist Role Tips and Tricks
Image Source: Lethal Company via Steam

Weapons Expert is kind of the DPS of the group who will go head on into a fight. Weapons expert is probably the most terrifying but fun team roles in Lethal Company and it does not need a lot of decision making except which threat to kill. The Weapons Expert usually has to carry a shovel, stop sign, or yield-sign with them and usually move with the Comms Officer.

  • Working with the Comms Officer is vital. Wait for them to Stun enemies like the Bracken and then you can kill them with a shovel.
  • Weapons Expert can hit a Snare Flea off of another player’s face which means you have to be the one who avoids getting caught in a Snare’s trap.
  • Jump on railings and kill creatures easily but make sure you don’t chase them all around. The goal is to avoid creatures not try to kill them.

The Moneyman Tips and Tricks

All Lethal Company Team Roles Tips & Tricks
Image Source: Lethal Company via Steam

As the name suggests, the Moneyman or Mule is the fastest team roles in Lethal Company and is responsible for all rewards that your team reaps.

  • Have an empty inventory with only a Flashlight or pro flashlight to help you is important so you can carry as many items as possible.
  • Try to stick to the Comms Officer to get loot locations directly from Terminal Operator so the crew members are not beating around the bush.
  • If the items are heavy, you can leave them at the door of the ship to collect them later.
  • It’s likely you who will get the hive and run while your team distracts the Circuit Bees so before you do that, make sure you have dropped off most items back to the ship.
  • Since you are the one who will be heading to different locations for loot, you are bound to encounter some serious threats.
  • If you are going separate from your crew, make sure you coordinate with them regarding the same so they can provide backup when necessary.

That’s all we have on the team roles in Lethal Company and the best tips and tricks needed. If you need more Lethal Company guides, our dedicated section at Gamer Tweak has all you need.