Lethal Company Monsters And Creatures (Full Bestiary)

Looking for all Creatures and Monsters that fill up the Lethal Company Bestiary? Here’s the complete list and how to avoid them.

If you are engrossed in Lethal Company, there is no shortage of monsters and creatures who will try to kill you. One of the most important parts of survival is knowing what might be hunting you and if you scan any of these creatures correctly, you will fill up the Bestiary. Not only will you have all the information, but also know how you can avoid them or take them out if necessary.

Players can scan lifeforms from afar so the dangers of getting attacked can be minimalized. The game has both passive and extremely violent monsters and knowing the difference might help in survival. Our guide has listed all monsters and creatures you might encounter and how to escape or kill them if necessary.

All Lethal Company Monsters and Creatures

Listed below are all the monsters and creatures that you can find in Lethal Company. Note that not every creature will need a page in your Bestiary:

How to Open Bestiary in Lethal Company

Players need to use their radar anytime they see a new creature to scan and profile it in your Bestiary. Once the profile is generated and uploaded to your ship, head back to the terminal and type the term bestiary. This will open up a page where you need to type in the name of the monster you want information about and if you have scanned it, you’ll get the profile.

Baboon Hawk

Baboon Hawk Lethal Company

With three horns on the front of its face, this terrifying creature can literally spear its prey. Although these creatures are passive, provoking them would be a grave mistake. Players can use the in-game voice interactivity to scare them away in case they encounter one of them.


Bracken Lethal Company

Bracken is one of the most terrifying monsters to deal with. Also known as the Flower Man, the only way to avoid them is by looking at them and then looking away. Staring might trigger them and compel them to hunt you so timing is going to be crucial. Also, turning your back is a fatal mistake since they prefer to hunt from the back. If players do encounter one and have no choice but to fight, one of you can stun it and the other can use a shovel to beat him a few times.

Bunker Spider

If you have the fear of spiders or are simply horrified by them, pray that you don’t have to encounter the Bunker Spider. They are simply huge and if you see any webs nearby, it’s best if you avoid the area entirely. If you touch their webs or they see you, the only choice you have is to run (they are bound to chase you to the ends of the earth). While you can kill them by hitting them with the shovel, it’s best if you are on high ground where they can’t reach you.

Luckily, there is an Arachnophobia Mod if you are afraid of spiders.

Circuit Bees

Circuit Bees are one of those creatures in your Bestiary that can be spotted from a distance. Getting close to a swarm of Circuit Bees is rather fatal since you are bound to be electrocuted. Although the beehive nets a good profit, you’ll have to distract and get them away from it to actually steal it. Note that once you steal it, run as quickly as you can back to the ship since they won’t stop chasing you as long as you have it.


Although they are dangerous if one of them catches you, Coil-Heads are fairly easy to escape if you have one or two of you crew members around. A Coil-Head will freeze if players look directly at them. A crew member nearby can stun the creature and both of you can escape the monster unharmed. However, if your path is blocked by a Coil-Head, it might become difficult and in most cases, fatal for you or your teammates.

Earth Leviathan

In your Lethal Company Bestiary, there is hardly a creature as terrifying or dangerous as this monster. Perhaps close to a boss, Earth Leviathan is a long, worm-like creature that burrows underground before bursting out to eat its prey. Almost like the movie Tremor, the only option or strategy to escape this monster is to Run. Simply head back to your ship as fast as you can or you might end up being the prey.

Eyeless Dog

If you are back to your ship before sundown, then the Eyeless Dog won’t exactly be a worry. However, if you are still out and hear a growl nearby, you might become dog food soon. Luckily, it’s blind so players can dodge this creature and head back to the ship. If there is a crew member on the ship, tell them to order some item from the terminal since the delivery will distract the monster away from you.

Forest Keeper

Although they come out at night, it might be easier for players to spot them since they are pretty huge. The only disadvantage is when they are stationary since they can blend in with trees. They are incredibly hostile and survival is quite difficult if one encounters you. The best way to avoid them is to crouch and move slowly out of their line of sight and not let them sense your presence.

Ghost Girl

Lethal Company Bestiary All Monsters and Creatures Listed

Firstly, there is no official entry for this creature in the Lethal Company Bestiary. So is she really lethal (pun intended)? Well, the Ghost Girl appears to one member of the team and starts affecting their sanity. One thing is certain if your team encounters that the days are now numbered. Although there is not much on escaping her, players can try to complete their loot and head back to the ship and take off. This is the only possible way to avoid the team from being haunted to death.

Hoarding Bugs

These creatures are more common in most buildings so its not really going to be a problem to deal with them. Although they are not really hostile, they will come after you if you have something they want. Usually giving them whatever they want makes them go away. If they are not in packs, players can easily kill them with a shovel. Dealing with the entire pack will need an extra partner.


Hygrodere is probably the only creature in the Bestiary that appears like a slimy blob. They are especially dangerous if they trap you into a dead end. Even though they are slow, you will be boxed in if there is a dead end and the only way you can escape is by climbing on railings and getting past them.


Although they appear as harmless toys, the reality is quite different. If you see the toy anywhere, don’t wait for Jack to pop out. The only way to survive is if you escape before you listen to the ‘Pop Goes The Weasel’, sound. The sound is an indication that you are close to your end.


Manticoil are not really that dangerous and they are mostly passive creatures. If players get close to them they are likely to fly off. Manticoil are easy to spot owing to their wings and smaller bodies.

Roaming Locusts

Roaming Locusts are the same as Manticoil and these passive creatures will fly off and regroup somewhere else if players get close. Their main purpose in the game is to provide additional environmental feel to Lethal Company.

Snare Flea

All Monsters and Creatures in Lethal Company Bestiary

Snare Flea are probably the most sneakiest creature in your Bestiary. They can climb walls, ceilings, and hang from pipes and fittings and if players pass under them, they will drop on your head slowly suffocate you. The only way to escape a Snare Flea after it wraps itself around your head is to blindly find the exit of the building (yes you won’t be able to see anything) or have a friend nearby who can kill the creature with a weapon. Although a long shot but if you can teleport back to the ship, it will remove the monster.

Spore Lizard

The Spore Lizard is rarely violet but if they are trapped with you, they are extremely dangerous. Releasing pink spores or taking a bite at you are common if you are trapped with one. However, on regular days they would simply run away if you approach.


The legless creature only appear indoors but are pretty lethal if you encounter one. If you spot a Thumper, stay away from its line of sight and if you hear a roar from them, run. The roar is a signal that one of them is after you and you will have to make a few turns before losing them. A common way of killing, players can climb on railings and simply beat them with your shovel till they die.

That’s all we have on the Lethal Company Bestiary. If you found this guide useful, do check out our Lethal Company section for more guides with Gamer Tweak.