Lethal Company Bracken Guide: How To Deal With Flower Man

Freaking out because of those scary glowing eyes? Here’s how to escape or kill Bracken in Lethal Company.

The Bracken is a hostile creature in Lethal Company that reminds me of Ryuk from Death Note. It’s also called the Flower Man because of the leaves all over its back. This monster will walk through the darkness indoors, quietly stalking your group. You can spot it in the dark when you see its glowing white eyes that appear out of nowhere. Be careful, though, because it can snap your character’s neck when you’re all alone and take you to its favorite room.

As you can tell, it’s easy to panic when you encounter this monster (or feel like you’re about to). Here’s how to deal with Bracken in Lethal Company; by avoiding it and killing it whenever necessary.

How to Counter Bracken (Flower Man) in Lethal Company

How to Avoid the Bracken

Here’s what you need to do if there’s a Bracken spotted in the dark during your run:

  • If you look at it quickly, it will run away. This is what you need to keep doing to avoid the Flower Man’s attack – simply glance at it and look away. This will spook it, but timing is key.
  • As the creature flees, you run off from that place as well.
  • Immediately convey to your team that you’ve spotted this creature.
  • Make sure to stay vigilant, because it will come back to stalk you after a short period of time. If it catches you off-guard and reaches your body, it will wrap its long fingers around your face and crack your neck.

Remember: If you stare at Bracken for long (approx 4 to 5 seconds) then it will consider it as a challenge and attack you.

So, in short, there are three steps to this monster’s process – sneak to reach the player, flee if the player spots them, and lastly, anger is when its anger meter is activated after which it will instantly attack the nearest player.

Lethal Company Bracken Room

There are rooms in Lethal Company where it keeps the corpses of the players that are already killed by it. This will be far from the exits so it makes retrieving the body complicated without the use of a Teleporter. When you spot a Bracken room, it means that the monster is near you so avoid entering the room at any cost. Always keep your stun grenade or zap gun ready.

Ensure that you have someone assigned to keep an eye out for it so that the others can complete the scavenging tasks. However, remember to stick together while you are at it or move in groups of two.

How to Kill the Bracken

how to evade escape or kill bracken room in lethal company

In case your group ends up seeing the Bracken in an area that’s well-lit, one of you can stun it and the other can use a shovel to beat him at least 3 to 4 times. Stunning it is the most important part because without it, killing this creature is tough.

It’s recommended to go with the avoiding route to ensure the team’s survival, but if it comes to the worst possible situation, then killing the Bracken is the only option the team’s got.

Some players in the Steam community suggest using the airhorn. Once you find it, spam it and it will leave you alone for a while. You can then plan your escape route. Full disclosure: we haven’t tested this method yet.

So, these were all the steps to avoid or kill Bracken in Lethal Company. If you have also encountered Spiders in the game but wish there was an arachnophobia mod, luckily, there is one! Here’s how to get rid of spiders in Lethal Company.