Lethal Company Air Horn Sound: How To Get And Use

Wondering how to get and use Air Horn in Lethal Company? Here’s everything you need to know about the Air or Loud Horn and its sound.

Air Horn is a scrap item that has got several Lethal Company players occupied with annoying their teammates. But similar to other tools and items, you can use Air Horn in different ways. This has got the attention of the entire community who are interested in the sound of this Horn and using it.

That said, obtaining this tool is quite straightforward. So, check out our guide on how to get and use the Air Horn in Lethal Company. In our guide, you can also find out what this horn sounds like and if it scares off the monsters or not.

How to Get Air Horn in Lethal Company

Get Use Air Horn Sound Lethal Company
Image Source – Rannie on YouTube.

You can get the Air Horn only as a loot, unlike the Loud Horn which can be bought from the Terminal. Since you cannot buy it, we recommend players search for Air Horn across different facilities. That said, you will find it accidentally instead of any specific spawn point. That’s mainly because Lethal Company features procedurally generated levels.

So, the more you explore the facilities, the better your chances of finding and obtaining Air Horn in Lethal Company.

How to Use Air Horn in Lethal Company

As soon as you get and equip Air Horn, press the left mouse button to use this tool. So, here are all the uses of Air Horn:

  • You can use its Loud sound to help your teammates find their way back to the ship. If one of your teammates encounters Ghost Girl, head to the ship and assist them using its sound.
  • For some monsters, you can also use the Air Horn to scare them off.
  • Ultimately, have fun using the Air Horn on your ship with your teammates. You can also use this tool to scare off your crew by randomly playing its loud sound.

What is the Air Horn Sound?

When the odds are against you, Air Horn’s sound is the best tool to scare away your enemies. It’s loud enough to alert your crew members and lure them back to your ship. This tool is a perfect attention-grabber and can easily scare new players.

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