How To Remove Spiders In Lethal Company (Arachnophobia Mod)

You can get rid of spiders in Lethal Company by installing an Arachnophobia mod.

There are quite a few Lethal Company monsters (like the Baboon Hawk) that you need to be aware of while scavenging moons for scrap, including the Bunker Spider which is a hostile arachnid that will catch you off-guard whenever you are indoors. Its web will not only trap you but also bring the spider right to your location, leading to your inevitable death.

Now, spiders can be scary for most people in real life, but Arachnophobia is a very specific phobia which is the irrational fear of spiders as well as other arachnids. This brings us to the question – does Lethal Company have an Arachnophobia mode or mod to help players who don’t want to encounter spiders?

Update: The game has officially added a new arachnophobia mode that turns the spider into the word SPIDER. Here’s how it looks.

But if you’d still like to know about a mod that actually removes spiders, keep reading.

Lethal Company Arachnophobia Mod

how to remove spiders lethal company mod
source: Steam

While there is no official Lethal Company Arachnophobia mode yet, there is a mod available that removes spiders from Lethal Company. It’s called ‘F_CKSpiders Arachnophobia Mod’ by Odie and you can find all the information posted by the uploader on the linked page.

While the early development stage mod may have some issues, it has been tested in solo as well as multiplayer mode and entirely removes spiders from the game. How it works is that the mod immediately kills the spiders in-game when they are spawned in, and then removes their corpse and webs.

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Lethal Company Multiplayer

For those playing in multiplayer mode – only the host needs to have the mod and this will automatically activate the Arachnophobia mode for all players.

If you’re planning on using the mod from Thunderstore, you can download the Thunderstore mod manager or, you can use the manual zip file downloads as well.

how to get rid of spiders lethal company
source: Steam

This mod also needs the BepInExPack modding tool to run. It is basically a general-purpose framework for Unity modding. This will load custom code into the game on launch, patch in-game methods, and classes without touching original game files, configure plugins, and log the game to desired outputs like console or file.

Make sure the versions of your client, tool, and mod are compatible to remove all spiders from Lethal Company. There are no achievements in the game yet, so using mods won’t affect your ability to unlock achievements on Steam as of now.

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