How To Tackle Baboon Hawk In Lethal Company (Tips & Tricks)

Want to learn about the Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company? Check out this guide to know how to tackle them.

Being a contracted worker is not an easy job, especially in Lethal Company wherein Monsters appear casually. While some creatures will introduce themselves with pure aggression, some will try to haunt you at first. This is exactly like in Phasmophobia, where all the ghosts have different behaviors.

Baboon Hawk is one such species that you will encounter in Lethal Company. From what we have seen, these creatures can show up solo and in groups as well. Either way, it’s important that you know the proper measures to tackle them. Our guide here features some tips and tricks to survive Baboon Hawks if you ever encounter them.

How to Survive (or Defeat) Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company

To tackle and survive Baboon Hawks, you must first know their traits and behavior. This monster belongs to the Cercopithecidae and has mostly picked up the nature of the primates. A Baboon Hawk won’t attack you in the first meeting unless you’ve provoked it.

How To Tackle Baboon Hawk In Lethal Company
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One notable thing about Baboon Hawks is that they are protective against their territory. So if you happen to wander in their territory, then stay extra cautious. Pro Tip – Baboon Hawks mark their territory by placing shiny objects around. Keep your guard for such objects.

An important thing to note about Baboon Hawks is that they will mostly try to team up on you. So if you are alone, there’s a great chance that you will get attacked by a bunch of Baboon Hawks, if in their territory. Luckily, you can fend them off if you are with your teammates.

The best way to deal with Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company is by taking them out separately. Your chances of survival will increase greatly if they are in less in population.

That covers everything about the Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company. To learn more, you can check out our dedicated section for Lethal Company Guides on Gamer Tweak.

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