Lethal Company All Items List And Uses

Wondering what items you can get in Lethal Company and how to use them? Here’s everything you need.

Being part of the Lethal Company is hazardous and terrifying. Completing your scavenging tasks and safely coming out of those moons is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be fully equipped and ready to face any uncertainty and dangers because there are deathly creatures ready to rip you apart if caught. So use this list of Lethal Company items to finish the scavenge without becoming one yourself.

In our guide, we have not only listed the items but also given their uses. In addition, you can also check out steps to obtain them, and their types, so, read along and get everything you need.

All Lethal Company Items List & Uses

All Lethal Company Items List & Uses
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There are many items you can buy from the Terminal Store or get during scavenging. This includes the various ship upgrades, decors, and cosmetics. But the priority is different for all, we are dividing all items into two lists. The first item list consists of the following – Gear, Weapons, Ship upgrades, and Scrap materials.

Here’s the list of all the items:

ItemsTypeHow to GetHow to Use
BoomboxGearStoreUsed for distracting monsters
Eco ScannerGearStoreLets you scan for entities and scrap
Extension LadderGearStoreWill extend and fall, allowing you to cross gaps
FlashlightGearStoreHelps you navigate in dark areas
Inverse TeleporterShip UpgradeStoreIt lets you teleport to a random area of the facility
JetpackGearStoreLets you fly for a few seconds
LockpickerGearStoreIs used to pick locks
Loud HornShip UpgradeStoreShip’s horn which can be held everywhere
Pro-FlashlightGearStoreHas better range than Flashlight
Radar BoosterGearStoreIs placed on the entrance and activated to signal teammates there
ShovelWeaponStoreNot very powerful but can be used against enemies
Stun GrenadeWeaponStoreCan stun most creatures for a few seconds. Detonates after 3 seconds of removing the pin
TeleporterShip UpgradeStoreTeleport players from the facility to the ship
TZP InhalantGearStoreUsed for reducing stamina usage
Walkie TalkieGearStoreCommunication device
Zap GunWeaponStoreUse it to stun the enemies for a few seconds
Yield-signWeaponGet from ScavengeCan be used to fight enemies
Stop-signWeaponGet from ScavengeCan be used to fight enemies
Clown hornScrapGet from ScavengeMake noise to distract monsters
Air hornScrapGet from ScavengeCan be used to distract enemies with noise
Laser pointerGearRandom drop of FacilitiesIt Emits an orange laser for over two minutes
Toy RobotScrapGet from ScavengeMake noise to distract monsters

Ship Decor and Cosmetic Items

This is the second list consisting of all the decorative and cosmetic items:

ItemsTypeHow to GetHow to Use
Cozy lightsStoreShip DecorDecoration
Decoy SuitStorePlayer CosmeticUse just for wearing
Green SuitStorePlayer CosmeticUse just for wearing
Hazard SuitStorePlayer CosmeticUse just for wearing
Jack O’ LanternStoreShip DecorDecoration
KeyConsumableGet from ScavengeOne-time use key when you don’t  have Lockpicker
Pajama SuitStorePlayer CosmeticUse just for wearing
Record PlayerStoreShip DecorDecoration
Romantic TableStoreShip DecorDecoration
RemoteGet from ScavengeGet from ScavengeUsed to turn the ship lights on and off.
ShowerStoreShip DecorDecoration
TableStoreShip DecorDecoration
TelevisionStoreShip DecorDecoration
ToiletStoreShip DecorDecoration

That’s all for Lethal Company all items list with their uses. If you found this guide helpful, you should skim through our Lethal Company section. We have covered many topics from the game. You can start by learning how to deal with Ghost Girl and access Sigurd’s Files.