Best Ways To Deal With Thumpers In Lethal Company

Wondering how to outmaneuver the Thumper in Lethal Company? Here are our tips and tricks that can help you out.

Apart from passive creatures like a Spore Lizard, you are destined to come across a lot of other aggressive ones in Lethal Company. A Thumper, also known as Half, is one such hostile creature that you can encounter while collecting scrap. If this monster is chasing you, then your best bet for survival is simply retreating. Otherwise, you are as good as dead.

To help you out, we have mentioned some tips and tricks to deal with Thumpers in Lethal Company. So the next time you come across this monster, you can save yourself from its trap.

How to Deal with a Thumper in Lethal Company

Despite using their arms (or front legs), Thumpers are pretty agile and can easily chase you down. Trust me, you definitely don’t want to come across this creature in a long and straight corridor. However, one of the notable weaknesses possessed by the Thumper includes its weaker eyesight. That said, you can save yourself if you manage to make him lose your track.

How to Deal with a Thumper in Lethal Company
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If you are playing Solo, then it is highly recommended that you don’t pick up a fight with Thumper. Instead, just run toward areas with multiple turnings. Since Thumper has weaker eyesight and lacks intelligence, you can easily outrun it by switching rooms or bunkers.

But if you really want to kill a Thumper in Lethal Company, then you will need to have a teammate with you. While one of you can become bait, the other one can easily take out a Shovel or Stop Sign to bash this monster. Only 3-4 proper melee hits will do the job for you.

Besides Thumper, there are plenty of other Monsters and Creatures in this game. Jesters, Snare Flea, and Manticoils are a few of them whom you would want to avoid. We have covered guides that can help you out, so be sure to stay connected.

That covers everything about the Thumpers. I hope you now know how to get rid of this monster easily. For more information, be sure to check out our other Lethal Company Guides on Gamer Tweak.