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How To Get To Ainsel River In Elden Ring

Here's a simple guide on how to reach Ainsel river in Elden Ring.

Ainsel River in Elden Ring is an explorable dungeon area and players are looking for ways to get to it. Since this is such a vast open-world game, it can be difficult to find some regions. If you choose to ignore these locations, you will miss out on some of the best loot the game has to offer. And they can be used to upgrade your gear to fight stronger enemies. The Ainsel River is an important location in the Ranni the Witch’s side quest. This guide will tell you how to reach this river.

How to Reach Ainsel River in Elden Ring

Use Coffin at the Deeproot Depths Waterfall to get to Ainsel River

This area is located in the Eastern part of the Liurnia region and it is divided into three parts.

  • Lower Area
  • Higher Area
  • The Lost Eternal City of Nokstella

Since this is a fairly large area, there are three ways to enter it. To reach the Ainsel River in Elden Ring, you can use the elevator at the Ainsel River well, the waygate on the top of Renna’s Rise, or the coffin in Deeproot Depths.

The first entrance is located in the Liurnia of the Lakes, above the Eastern Tableland. The Ainsel River well is guarded by a Golem that you can either fight or sneak around. Once in the chamber, you can use the elevator to reach the Lower Area.

The second entrance is quest-locked. Meaning you have to reach a certain point in Ranni the Witch’s quest to gain access to Renna’s Rise Tower. To do so, you will need to hand her the Fingerslayer Blade. Once you do, you can use the portal at the top of Renna’s tower.

The final entrance is located in the Deeproot Depths. You can reach this entrance through the Cathedral of the Forsaken. After a long climb, you will reach the Nameless Eternal City, where you can interact with a coffin at the edge of the waterfall. By doing so, you will arrive at the River Main area.

That’s everything from us on how to get to Ainsel River in Elden Ring. For more helpful guides like Where to Find Barrier of Gold, visit our Elden Ring section soon.