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Elden Ring Barrier Of Gold: Where To Find

Looking for Erdtree Incantations? Check out our guide on where to find the Barrier of Gold in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features many types of weapons, incantations, and spells. If you are looking to cause massive magic damage, the Erdtree incantations are your pick. These are the group of Incantations that share a particular type of the same buff. The Barrier of Gold is one of the Erdtree Incantations that can help you a lot in PVP modes. This type of Incantation increases the magic damage negation of not only yourself but also nearby allies. But where to find this type of Incantation? Check out our location guide on where to find the Barrier of Gold in Elden Ring.


Where to Find the Barrier of Gold in Elden Ring (Location)

You can get the Barrier of Gold incantation as a drop reward for defeating the invisible Teardrop Scarab. You can find this creature enemy located at the Leyndall, Royal Capital. But to unlock this location or area, you need to defeat Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

Follow the below steps to get to the Barrier of Gold in Elden Ring:

  • As you reach Leyndall, the Royal Capital, head left and climb down the stairs.
  • Over there, you will find a lever inside the room. Interact and pull the lever to summon an elevator.
  • Now, exit the elevator and head down the stairs. Upon reaching the ground, you will encounter two Perfumers ready to attack you.

find barrier of gold elden ring

  • Once you have slayed these humanoid enemies, head in the west direction.
  • You will face the Elite Crucible Knight as you progress in that direction.
  • Defeating this field boss is a piece of cake if you have the right patience and practice.
  • You might have also fought him around the Stormveil Castle, Stormhill Evergaol, Siofra River, and more locations. You can either defeat him or avoid him to proceed further.
  • As you progress and climb the further staircase, you will notice a trail of golden footsteps.
  • You need to follow this trail to find the invisible Teardrop Scarab. When the footsteps are closer, start attacking to defeat this creature,
  • We suggest using the Spells, incantations, or other AoE attacks to defeat this invisible foe in no time.
  • After eliminating the invisible Teardrop Scarab, you will get the Barrier of Gold as a loot reward.

find barrier of gold elden ring

Unlike other Incantations, you cannot stack this incantation with other buffs of the same type. But how to use the Barrier of Gold incantation? Scroll till the end to find out.


How to Use the Barrier of Gold (Erdtree Incantation)

The Barrier of Gold increases the Magic damage negation by 60% for the spell caster and their nearby allies. This incantation lasts for 70 seconds when active. Mentioned below are its damage stats and its requirements:

  • Cost: 30 Focus Points (FP) and 13 Stamina
  • Requires: 24 Faith
  • Effects: Increases Magic Damage Negation by 60%

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