7 Best Love Stories in Video Games

Most romantic stories in video games

Video games are often stereotyped into mayhem inducing entertainment machines but a lot of people forget that videos games often feature some of the heartwarming things the media has ever seen. Hidden under the grind and maze of level and storytelling often lies a love story that pulls a string into our hearts. These video games had the best romantic love stories.

Best Love Stories in Video Games

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition from BioWare, as crazy as it gets this game a beautiful story etched into the core of it with some memorable moments. The game takes you on a fantasy journey but more than that the characters keep you grounded and the intimacy between them which takes you down to the line with a heartbreak at the end of it. A truly magnificent title for those who haven’t tried this series yet. You are in for a world of surprises.

Far Cry 3

For a game that starts so abruptly and has one of the most iconic villians in the series, Far Cry 3 has a true love story embedded in it and you get to decide the outcome of that relationship. Get ready for some over the top violence mixed with mystical powers that engulf the game. A true abstract masterpiece that delivers on every aspect. The final choice will put you in a dilemma so get ready for some hard decisions in which you have to pick between love and a much more powerful force.

Mass Effect 2

One the surface, Mass Effect 2 seems just like a continuation of the series working perfectly as a sequel but as you invest in the game you will find the delicate relationships that make the game so beloved. It is no wonder that after so many years Mass Effect holds such a high value and is always spoken about in high regards. Every choice you make creates a ripple which shapes the storyline and with memorable chracters like Miranda, Garrus, Thane and Justicar Samara you will be spoilt for choice and will have to make some sacrifices along the way as you go.

The Sims 4

No other game lets you take control of the chracter as good as in The Sims series, in a nutshell you get to create an entire life and live out your wildest fantasies in the game. The series has been infamous for some of the wackiest and truly heart touching stories that float on the web. A true masterpiece where you can live your perfect life, find the perfect partner and just for a moment imagine for it to be real. If only our real lives would be as awesome as our Sims life.

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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

A game that understand longing from a partner and the comfort of a loving embrace though with Geralt’s overcharged libido you will find yourself in the arms of multiple women yet thinking about Triss who matters the most to Geralt. A beautiful story woven between memorable characters and boss fights, that it seems more like a narrative playable novel more than a game. With all this the action in the game takes the top spot and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has been one of the greatest game in the recent past.

The Darkness

You get to avenge the death of your girlfriend in The Darkness, a true love story which get destoyed and you only get so much of screen time together that you will wish to make everything right before the time runs out. As more you dwelve into the story the more you will wish to use your powers of darkness to take revenge on the ones who caused your loved one harm.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening lets you marry many characters in the game which not only is a sweet thing it also strengthens the relationship of the charcters and this union gives a bit of boost to the characters like buffs on their skills. The game makes you put more effort and redefines the concept of marriage to the players. A true heartwarming story lies within and is worth the time and effort.

Love stories though do not carry the main story forward in many games, it adds a much needed depth to the narrative and gives more dimensions to the characters so that you can relate easily to them and be part of a new age of romance that differs from the ones in books or in television or movies. A two way relationship where you get to be a part of the decisions and your choices either make or break them.

These were the best Love Stories In Video Games so far. If you have other love romance video games to add then do let us know in the comments below.

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