10 Most Disappointing Video Games of 2018

Fallout 76 has definitely broken all the record for Assassin's Creed Unity's Failure

Unlike 2019, the year 2017 and 2018 had a pretty disappointing start for video games. Luckily, God of War, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2 made it look way better. Games are usually a source of entertainment and a chance to relax and blow off steam for many and most of the time it is the case every time a game is released, but sometimes this does not always go according to the plans and you find yourself buying a game which promised a lot and eventually fails to keep them up.

Here is the list of disappointing games of 2018

Fallout 76

This post-apocalyptic franchise saw the greatest fall with the release of Fallout 76. This game wasn’t just bad, to begin with, it was absolutely broken and the developers switched to an online mode while the rest of the series focused on a single player which was appreciated.

The game fundamentally felt incomplete, the NPC characters were replaced with audio notes and robots which saw this void develop in the game that the developers never addressed. Moreover, for an online game, the servers were not efficient enough to handle the load of players which saw plenty of crashes and soon after the majority of players left the game for something better.

Bethesda claimed to support Fallout 76 but things kept going downhill for them as new issues arose before the previous one was fixed and with the majority of players turning their backs on the franchise, a revival of Fallout 76 seems highly unlikely.

Sea of Thieves

Sony has the upper hand when it comes to the exclusive game for their titles and while Xbox seemed desperate to offer their fans something other than the Halo series. In comes Sea of Thieves developed by Rare which got fans excited as they promised the adventures of being a pirate and everything that the world had to offer.

But soon enough after countless battles and going from one place to the other in ships players found the game to be hollow, the battle mechanics seemed pretty outdated and did not offer any combos. Players got a gun and a sword and this restriction soon got old with a lot of players who abandoned ship.

Though the developers have tried to rectify this with constant updates and have promised to include new content. The launch was pretty disastrous for Sea of Thieves.

Darksiders III

The collapse of THQ and Vigil Games meant that the Darksiders franchise was done for and that was the end of the series after two stellar games in the series but when THQ Nordic announced that they are going to revive the game by handing it over to Gunfire Games, fans seemed to be optimistic.

What was delivered was a completely different game and one which did not resemble the earlier game. Gunfire Games had some of the previous members of THQ who took a completely different route on the third one and changed the battle strategy to just dodging and mashing the attack button.

The game was littered with bugs, some of these bugs made players restart the game completely, other instances include a flawed checkpoint system which makes you go back to the boss who has killed you numerous times before.

Fans were really hoping for a sequel but this release made some wish if it was better to keep Darksiders III in the dark.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay already had issues, to begin with, but still managed to gather a following and surprisingly enough Microsoft stepped in and backed the developers to make a sequel titled State of Decay 2. When it was released it had almost nothing to offer and felt like doing the same thing over and over again.

The developers released a 20GB patch in hopes of solving the major problems lingering in the game but instead, it just brought new issues to the game and soon enough even the loyal fans had turned their backs on this franchise.

Metal Gear Survive

It was pretty evident that Metal Gear franchise would not survive without its creator Hideo Kojima at the helm but Konami still took a chance and delivered Metal Gear Survive. This game was completely different than its prequels instead of the stealth is the important factor, base building and survival mechanics were introduced and the game felt completely off.

The game mechanics were completely wrong and the tons of bugs in the game made it harder to like. The gameplay wasn’t even fun, it made you run in search for an item and after an exhaustive search, you had to defend it from a horde of zombies.

This never felt like a Metal Gear game and it would have been better if the developers instead had chosen to shut down the franchise instead.


A Kickstarter project which promised a mature survival horror game was rated Adults Only by the MSRB which led to the fall of the game, you had to survive in hell to progress in the game and the overly repetitive gameplay which made you search for weapons and items without proper instruction made it frustrating.

The developers toned things down in order to get a Mature Rating but this meant the game had already lost its original premise and what the backers received in return was just an ordinary overly violent and sexualized grind.

It is safe to say that it got old pretty quickly and the game and all there was left to do was stare at a red and black environment which did not have much to offer.


A story set in the 20th Century London seemed like a good premise for a vampire game but not so much for an awful game that loads frequently, has bad performances and just everything about it is just bad in general.

To be fair, the game is good when it comes to storytelling and world-building, it is the only thing that works as advertised but everything else in this game is a complete failure, which includes the combat sequences, vampire abilities and more.
Being a vampire you would expect this game to give you a thrill every time you set out on to kill but this game just dulls overtime and you will find yourself giving excuses instead of playing this game.

Radical Heights

A game which followed the Battle Royale path and tried to do almost everything the same as Fortnite but failed. This game has to be the most epic failure as this title along with LawBreakers failed to make an impression and the studio was shut down because of this.

The game had plenty 80’s nostalgic references to it and worst part about it seemed that the game wasn’t even completed when published to the public. A half-hearted approach by the studio led to their downfall and the game did not have anything new to offer.


For a game which demands AAA pricing, you ought to deliver constantly and though the game seemed great on paper it was badly received by critics and fans from all over the world.

Repeated grind and boring tasks made players leave the game quickly and Extinction like its namesake soon wasn’t around for more. The game followed a rigid combat strategy with limited moves which the players got bored off very soon.

Let us know which one was your least favorite video games of 2018?

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