Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race Timing: Easiest Way To Master & Win

Here’s the best way to master and win the Yoshi race in Super Mario RPG remake including all the rewards.

Yoshi Race is one of the toughest mini-games in Super Mario RPG due to the timing and rhythm. While it may seem like a cakewalk at first, it can be slightly more complex than that. To win this mini-game race, you must defeat Boshi and other Yoshis as you compete. But as players press the required buttons in sync with the music, they are unable to master the timing.

Don’t worry, check out the best way to win the Yoshi Race in Super Mario RPG and its rewards. In our guide, we have also included tips to master the timing and all the rewards for winning the race. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Best Way to Win Yoshi Race in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race How to Win
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You can press the A and B buttons as displayed in the rhythm of the music to move faster in a race. The essential key is to press the buttons exactly as shown at the bottom-right of the screen. However, you can slow down in the race if you miss the beat.

In that case, you can press the Y button and use the Yoshi Cookies for a boost in the race. You will get three of these cookies at the start of every race. But due to their limited nature, we recommend using them only when the odds are against you during the race.

Note that finding the perfect rhythm and timing in this race can be a bit challenging. It’s almost impossible to move in the race if you’re not in sync with both.

Tips to Master the Yoshi Race Timing in Super Mario RPG

You can master the Yoshi race timing by pressing the A and buttons to your bottom-right corner whenever you see the button prompts getting larger. Once these two buttons get enlarged, they will be filled with white color. The more in sync you are with these buttons, the faster you can move with Yoshi.

If you don’t want to skip a single beat, we recommend following the exact button prompts. Since these prompts will disappear after half of the race, you must master their timing to win the Yoshi race. For that, you can check out the visual tutorials. That said, you can try pressing the buttons a bit earlier if you cannot match the sync and move faster.

Ultimately, we highly recommend using the Yoshi Cookies as a last resort. But note to use them wisely and only in races that result in a definite win. As you must wager these cookies to participate in the race, it’s better to save them up rather than spend them.

Super Mario RPG Yoshi Race Timing
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All Yoshi Race Rewards

You can receive double the amount of Yoshi Cookies you wagered if you win this race. So, if you wagered up to 20 Cookies, you will be rewarded with 40 Yoshi Cookies. You can give these items to Fat or Big Yoshi to trade several items in return for the cookies. However, you must win a race and hatch its egg into Baby Yoshi before doing so. Once the Yoshi egg is hatched, you can feed 20 Cookies to transform him into Big Yoshi. Then, you can feed him the cookies to get several items in return.

Here’s the list of all items that Big Yoshi rewards:

  • Red Essence
  • Frog Coins
  • Yoshi-Aide
  • Bracer
  • Energizer

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