Super Mario RPG All Dr. Topper Quiz Answers

Super Mario RPG remake is out on Nintendo Switch which has players fully occupied with completing different puzzles at Bowser’s Keep. You will meet Dr. Topper aka the Quiz master as you enter the fifth puzzle door in the Keep. With the Quiz Time started, he will ask you 12 questions or riddles randomly. Don’t worry, here are all the Dr. Topper quiz answers in Super Mario RPG remake.

The block you are standing on will elevate and move up by one block if you answer a question correctly. However, you can go down by two blocks if you blow it. You need to answer all 12 questions within five seconds or you will move down by one block. So, it is recommended to have the entire list ready to track all questions and answers.

All Dr. Topper Quiz Answers in Super Mario RPG

All Super Mario RPG Quiz Answers
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Here’s the list of all correct Dr. Topper Quiz answers in Super Mario RPG:

  1. Mario, Mallow, and Peach’s triple move is called what?
    • Healing Rainbow.
  2. Who is the leader of the Axem Rangers?
    • Red.
  3. How many underlings does Croco have?
    • Three.
  4. What’s the name of Jagger’s sensei?
    • Jinx.
  5. Booster is what generation?
    • 7th.
  6. How long have the couple inside the chapel been waiting for their wedding?
    • Thirty minutes.
  7. How many legs does Wiggler have?
    • Six.
  8. How much… does a female beetle sell for?
    • One coin.
  9. In the Moleville Blues, it’s said that the moles are covered in what?
    • Soil.
  10. Johnny loves WHICH beverage?
    • Currant Juice.
  11. Speardovich is what?
    • A boss.
  12. The boy at the inn in the Mushroom Kingdom was playing with…What?
    • Game Boy.
  13. The boy getting his picture taken at Marrymore can’t wait till which season?
    • Skiing.
  14. The man getting his picture taken at Marrymore hates what?
    • Getting his picture taken.
  15. What color are the curtains in Mario’s house?
    • Blue.
  16. What color is the end of Dodo’s beak?
    • Red.
  17. What did Carroboscis used to be?
    • A carrot.
  18. What do Culex, Jinx, and Goomhilde have in common?
    • They live in Monstro Town.
  19. What does Belome really like to turn people into?
    • Scarecrows.
  20. What does Birdo come out of?
    • An eggshell.
  21. What does the Red Essence do?
    • Gives you strength.
  22. What is Cinder Toad in charge of at the middle counter?
    • The inn.
  23. What is Raini’s husband’s name?
    • Raz
  24. What is the fourth option on the Menu Screen?
    • Items.
  25. What technique does Bowser learn at level 15?
    • Crusher.
  26. What was Mallow asked to get for the Frog Sage?
    • Cricket pie.
  27. What was Peach doing when she was kidnapped by Bowser?
    • She was looking at flowers.
  28. What words do Beetos use when they sing?
    • La dee dah.
  29. What’s the chef’s name at Marrymore?
    • Torte.
  30. What’s the first monster you see in the Pipe Vault?
    • Lava Bubble.
  31. What’s the full name of the boss at the Sunken Ship?
    • Jonathan Jones.
  32. What’s the name of the boss at the Sunken Ship?
    • Johnny.
  33. What’s the password in the Sunken Ship?
    • Pearls.
  34. Where was the first Star Piece found?
    • The Mushroom Kingdom.
  35. Where was the third Star Piece found?
    • Moleville.
  36. Which enemy is only found in the Sunken Ship?
    • Reacher.
  37. Which monster does not appear in Booster Tower?
    • Terrapin.
  38. Who helped you up the cliff at Land’s End?
    • Paratroopas.
  39. Who is the famous composer at Tadpole Pond?
    • Toadofsky.
  40. Who is the ultimate enemy in this adventure?
    • Smithy.
  41. Who is the famous sculptor in Nimbus Land?
    • Garro.
  42. What is Cinder Toad in charge of at the middle counter?
    • The Inn.

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