Super Mario RPG Marrymore Wedding Hall: How To Get Inside

Want to save Princess Peach from Booster? Here’s how to get inside the Marrymore Wedding Hall in Super Mario RPG by breaking down the door.

The most recent remake of Super Mario RPG will have you completing various mini-games as you level up. One of these includes breaking into the Wedding Hall in Marrymore Church which has several players quite confused. Since the main entrance is locked, you might be unable to head inside the church and get to the marriage hall. You will be stopped by Snifster No.1 who will say that there is no way to enter through this door.

But instead, he provides you with a helpful clue to get inside through the back door. Once inside the church, you must make your way to the hall. So, check out our step-by-step guide on how to get inside the Marrymore Wedding Hall in Super Mario RPG.

How To Get Inside the Wedding Hall in Super Mario RPG

Marrymore Wedding Hall in Super Mario RPG
Image Source – Zephiel810 on YouTube.

You can break down two Church doors to head inside the Wedding Hall. But before that, use the Back Door to the right to get inside the Church. As you enter, strike the locked doors with Snifit and Bowser by timing them perfectly.

So, follow the below steps to get inside the Wedding Hall in Super Mario RPG:

  • Head upstairs once you reach the Kitchen by entering the first Church door.
  • As you get to the first door, you are stopped by Snifster who will try to open a locked door, alone.
  • Match the timing with Snifster to break down this door and continue towards the Hall.
  • Then, work with Bowser once you encounter the next locked door in the second area. Like the previous door, you must time and strike down the door with Bowser.
  • Lastly, reach the Wedding Hall to interact with Princess Peach.

This can be a bit time-consuming and take a couple of tries before you reach the Wedding Hall.

Tips to Break Down the Marrymore Church Door

Here are some surefire tips to knock down the Church doors in Super Mario RPG:

  • Keep Snifit and Bowser as close as possible while running down the Church Doors. Also, keep an eye on their running patterns.
  • Be Patient as it may require multiple tries before you reach the Wedding Hall.
  • Wait for Bowser or Snifit in the respective starting areas if you can’t find them yet.
  • Timing is the essential key to breaking down the Church doors.

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