Super Mario RPG Level Up Guide: How To Earn EXP & Level Up Fast

Here is everything you need to know about leveling up and stat bonuses in Super Mario RPG.

In the latest remake of Super Mario RPG, players will take on the Smithy Gang while teaming up with some unusual allies along the way. And while this time around you will find the King of Koopas in your party, facing the Smithy Gang will still seem threatening if you don’t level up the characters accordingly. Not to mention, leveling up your characters will also let you gain stat boosts which will make them even stronger.

Having said that, along with leveling up the characters, having the right character build is important in the game. Players will also come across different weapons, accessories, and other resources that will help them make their build. However, you must focus on leveling up the different characters properly in the party first. Each level will increase the attack, defense, or HP of the characters accordingly in Super Mario RPG. So if you are looking for a complete guide on how to level up and wondering what’s the level cap in the game, then here is the guide you should check out further.

How to Level Up Fast in Super Mario RPG

How To Earn EXP & Level Up Fast In Super Mario RPG
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Players can simply earn EXP and level up in Super Mario RPG by progressing through the campaign and defeating enemies. There are a variety of different enemies that you will come across in the game. Defeating each enemy in battle will let you gain a certain amount of EXP.

The stronger the enemy the more EXP you will gain after the battle. You will also come across special enemies going through the campaign who deal more damage than the general ones. Defeating them will let you gain even more experience which will help you level up a lot quicker.

Another best way to earn EXP fast would be to get your hands on the EXP Booster accessory in the game. Players will be able to purchase this in Seaside Town from Frog Sage’s Student. The accessory will double the amount of EXP earned by the characters after facing different enemies. You can also acquire the strongest weapons for each character and defeat the enemies much quicker to get more experience and level up in Super Mario RPG.

What are Level Up Bonus Stats?

What Are Level Up Bonuses In Super Mario RPG?
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After leveling up each character, players will be able to level up bonus stat in Super Mario RPG. There are three stats that you can level up which include Physical, Magic & HP. While increasing physical and magic stat will increase the attack and defense for both types of attacks, increasing HP will simply let you gain more health for your characters.

Players will be able to level up bonus stats for their characters according to the characters’ damage type in the game. We would recommend that you take a look at our guide on the best level up bonus stats for each character to know everything in detail.

What is the Max Level Cap in Super Mario RPG?

What Is Max Level Cap In Super Mario RPG?
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All the characters’ levels are capped at 30 in Super Mario RPG. Each character in your party won’t be able to gain any additional EXP after reaching level 30 in the game. Having said that, most of the players will find the game pretty easy to beat under level 30.

If you are finding it harder even while leveling up the characters, we would suggest you try out the Breezy mode the game has to offer. You will be able to gain EXP without any hassle and easily while playing in Breezy mode in the game.

That’s everything covered in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, check out our dedicated Super Mario RPG section for even more interesting ones, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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