Super Mario RPG Shiny Stone: How To Get & Use

Somehow got your hands on the Shiny Stone and have no idea what purpose it serves in Super Mario RPG? Read along to know.

Super Mario RPG is a classic adventure that every gamer has at least heard of, if not played. And now the game’s remake lets you revisit the classic tale, with quests and bosses of it. The new and classic version players have welcomed the remake. But if you are new or played the game decades ago, forgetting or being curious about the use of Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG is a given.

Here, we retraced our steps and went on an adventure to find the answers to your questions. Our guide has all you need to know about the Shiny Stone, including how to obtain and utilize it.

How to Get and Use Shiny Stones in Super Mario RPG

How to Get and Use Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG
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In Super Mario RPG, shiny stones are a valuable item that can unlock the door to Culex’s room in Monstro Town and be traded for a Carbo Cookie. To obtain a shiny stone, you must exchange fireworks with the mole girl of Moleville. She is sitting by the boxes outside the place that sells fireworks for 500 coins.

Things to Note Before Proceeding Ahead

  • If you sell a Shiny Stone, you will only get two coins.
  • There is no way to get a Shiny Stone after you have defeated Culex.

How to Get a Shiny Stone

There are two ways to get a Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG:

  • Purchase Fireworks for 500 coins in Moleville and trade them to the little mole girl running her shop.
  • Trade a Carbo Cookie to the same little mole girl.

How to Use a Shiny Stone

Once you have a Shiny Stone, you can use it to:

  • Unlock the door to Culex’s room in Monstro Town. Culex is an optional boss. Defeating him will give you the Super Star.
  • Trade it to the little mole girl running her shop for a Carbo Cookie.

Unlock Culex Door

In Monstro Town, you’ll see multiple doors. Find the black one and get near it. You’ll see the dialogue, “Look! The Shiny Stone is reacting! The seal has been broken!“. Open the door and enter. As you enter from the Culex door, Culex will approach you. It will challenge you for the fight.

You can also decline this optional boss, but there is no point after using the expensive Shiny Stone to find it. The rewards you get from defeating this hidden boss are worth the effort. You get the Quartz Charm, which saves you from instant death.

Rewards might be alluring, but avoid jumping in the fight without knowing about the Culex. Culex is backed by the four elemental crystals: Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth. Most claim that it is even more challenging to defeat it than to defeat the final boss of the Super Mario RPG. So prepare the weakness of these elements. As for the Culex itself, there doesn’t seem to be any useful weakness. It has a high magic defense. So try to avoid its attacks and fight till you have defeated it.

Trade for Carbo Cookie

Carbo Cookie Super Mario RPG
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You can give the Shiny Stone to another mole girl for Carbo Cookie. This mole girl is standing in one corner of the Moleville Item Shop. The Cookie is given to another mole girl sitting inside a bucket for some Frog Coins. As well as to get the Midas River shortcut cleared. Frog Coins are exchanged in the “Frog Coin” emporium in Tadpole Pond and Seaside Town Shop of Frogfucius’s Student.

  • Carbo Cookie is not usable in battle.
  • Mario can give it to the mole girl perched on the bucket outside the shop twice to receive a Frog Coin.
  • Mario can enter the mole girl’s bucket to instantly transport himself to the starting point of Midas Waterfall, bypassing the coin-collecting Toad at the end of the Midas River course.

That’s all about getting and using Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG. If this was helpful for you and you want to know about the puzzles, locations, and other mechanisms of this game, check out our Super Mario RPG section. Also, read about the best stats level-up bonuses.