Halls Of Torment: How To Find & Rescue The Wellkeeper

Don't want to lose your items after each run? Then learn how you can find and rescue the Wellkeeper NPC in Halls of Torment.

Wellkeeper is one of the many NPCs that you will need to find in Halls of Torment. If you don’t want to lose your items after each run, then you need to unlock the NPC quickly. The Wellkeeper will help you get your items permanently in the game. So, it’s quite useful to unlock him early. However, the difficult part is finding the NPC’s location. If you want to get the Wellkeeper, then keep reading our guide below.

Where to Find the Wellkeeper in Halls of Torment

wellkeeper location in halls of torment

The Wellkeeper can be found in the Ember Grounds area in Halls of Torment. The NPC will be marked with a yellow icon on your screen as soon as you enter the hall. If you follow the directions, you will find the Wellkeeper locked in a cage. The NPC will urge you to free him by informing you that the key is lying around nearby.

How to Find the Key & Free the Wellkeeper in Halls of Torment

rescue wellkeeper in halls of torment

To find the key and rescue the trapped Wellkeeper in Halls of Torment, just head to the yellow “Key” icon marked on your screen. Pick up the key and head back to the Wellkeeper NPC. A short dialogue will play after which the NPC will be freed from the cage and head to your base camp.

What Does the Welkeeper Do?

The Wellkeeper is a friendly NPC that will spawn in your base camp after you finish “The Wellkeeper” quest. He can hold items that you find from the Halls and save them to your Item Stash. The Wellkeeper can help you get items permanently in the game. However, he will take Gold from you in exchange for this service. This will help you keep your items secure and keep customizing them further.

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With that, we have reached the end of our guide on where to find the Wellkeeper in Halls of Torment. We hope that you managed to get the location of this NPC. If you are new to the game, find out the tier list of the best characters and also find out if there is a Multiplayer mode in Halls of Torment.