Starfield: Should You Walk Away Or Into Unity? (One Giant Leap)

Walk into or walk away from the Unity in Starfield? Here are the outcomes for both choices.

During the ‘One Giant Leap’ quest, you can either walk into or away from light at Unity in Starfield. This decision will either complete the main story and let you continue with any pending missions or begin a New Game Plus. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of stepping into Unity. We’ll also give you some extra information to help you decide what’s best.

Major Starfireld SPOILER Alert!

Should you Step Into or Walk Away From Unity in Starfield?

In Starfield, walking into the light at the Unity means you complete the game and get started with New Game Plus. The NG+ playthrough is more challenging – you carry over a few things and start over a few things.

As you are already in this part of the quest, you will know that you will be reborn as Starborn and leave your current universe behind. So, if you are unsure whether or not to walk into the light in Starfield, it might help you to wait a bit more until you’ve finished all the side missions and explored the whole game world. This way, you can try out everything the game offers before you essentially restart.

Some players remain in their current universe because they don’t want to leave everyone they know and love behind. None of the previous weapons, ships, quantum essences, suits, or credits will be available in New Game Plus. All your companion status and your relationships with them will be reset. You will also lose your committed romance partners, as you’ll only encounter alternate versions of the characters you met in your previous playthrough.

So the choice is yours. Here are the pros and cons to consider before deciding on your next step.

Stepping into Unity Light in Starfield

Here’s why you should consider stepping into the Unity:

  1. New Game+
    • New Game+ will allow you to repeat or skip the main quest in Starfield with all of the power, levels, and skills you unlocked in your previous playthrough. This can be a great way to experience the game again with a more powerful version of your character. If you are interested in trying out a new build with new skills, this is what you can go for.
  2. Become a Starborn
    • Starborns are powerful beings who have access to the unique ability to travel between universes and have knowledge and access to Unity. Becoming a Starborn can give you multiple ways to end quests differently than your last time and new dialogue options. As you are still the same person who stepped into the Unity to jump to this new universe, you will be the same character you created with their Background and Traits. You will carry forward all your levels, Starborn powers, Skill Magazines, exp gained, and more.
  3. Powerful new ship and spacesuit
    • With each subsequent completion of New Game+, your ship and spacesuit will become an even stronger version of itself. After beating the game six times, your ship will reach its final upgrade, making it one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy. After beating the game ten times, you’ll receive the final upgrade, the Starborn Spacesuit Venator.
  4. Visit all the “Universe Variations” game has to offer and find the best one you want to stay in.
    • Every New Game Plus presents you with a distinct universe. This means you can keep returning to the Unity to open up new outcomes and exciting possibilities. You enter this new universe, collect all the Artifacts, finish the Armillary, and re-emerge from the Unity. Whenever you come to meet Constellation for the first time, you might not recognize the same people you met before. There’s a chance you’ll encounter something different when you visit the Lodge.
  5. New dialogue options as an ‘all-knowing’ Starborn
    • Having the previous knowledge of how events will unfold in the main quest, you will now have additional dialogue options to select, called the “Starborn” option. This will give you a new way to handle the events in the game with prior knowledge you earned in your run-through.

accept or reject unity starfield

Walking Away From Unity in Starfield

Here are a few reasons why you should consider walking away from Unity Starfield:

  1. Lose all gear and progress
    • In New Game Plus in Starfield, you will lose all of your progress from your previous playthrough, except for your character level and skills. This includes all of your gear, including weapons, armor, crafting materials, and credits; your progress on side quests and exploration; and your relationships with other characters.
  2. Point of No Return
    • Once you step into the light, you’re locked into the New Game+. If you change your mind or want to return to your old game, you won’t be able to do that. Unless you create a save file right before. This will allow you to restore your progress if you decide that you made a mistake.
  3. Playing on a lower difficulty setting
    • If you’re playing in an easier mode, think about going into the light at Unity earlier. This way, you can start the New Game+ and review all 10 NG+ options to get the best suits and ships in the game as soon as possible.

Eventually, it’s your call whether to go into the Unity light in Starfield or not. Consider the pros and cons mentioned above, and choose what suits your playstyle.

If you’re having a blast and want more, skip and walk away from Unity in Starfield. But if you’re starting to get bored with the current universe, you may want to try stepping into the light at the Unity to jump into a new one.

That’s all for this guide. While here, head to our Starfield wiki guide for location guides, walkthroughs, and more tips and tricks.