Repeat Or Skip Starfield Main Quest In New Game Plus?

Should you do the main missions again during NG+ or skip them in Starfield? Here's what we think.

The option to Repeat or Skip the main quest in Starfield New Game Plus can be daunting for some players. On the one hand, repeating the main quest lets you experience the story again, try different builds and strategies, and improve your character’s skills, along with new NG+ space suits and ships. However, it can be time-consuming and repetitive till you find the best universe you want to settle in.

On the other hand, skipping the main quest saves you time and lets you focus on exploring the game’s entirety, building new outposts, and trying out different builds. However, you’ll miss out on story variations, unique dialogues, and experiences you may have missed before in the main quest. So, in this article, we will look at both options by pointing out all the major pros and cons of repeating and skipping the main quest in Starfield and help you choose the one that helps your vision.

Note: All the information in this article is targeted towards players starting new game plus. So, if that’s you, keep reading! In case you have stumbled upon this guide before reaching the end-game, stop right here because massive end-game content spoilers ahead!

What is Different About New Game Plus in Starfield?

Starfield’s New Game Plus differs from other games’ NG+ modes as an empty inventory will greet you. So, none of the previous weapons, ships, quantum essences, suits, or credits will be available in NG+. All your companion status and your relationships with them will be reset. You will also lose your committed romance partners, as you’ll only encounter alternate versions of the characters you met in your previous playthrough.

Normally, New Game Plus makes the entire game harder and more fun and rewarding. You start with a more powerful character. You can experiment with different builds and strategies. Then, you set out to explore areas of the game that you could not access in your first playthrough. Playing the game again after you finish it with this option is fun. You can keep everything you earned in your first playthrough, like your character level, items, and money.

But not everything is lost in Starfield NG+. As you are still the same person who stepped into the Unity to jump to this new universe, you will be the same character you created with their Background and Traits. You will carry forward all your levels, Starborn powers, Skill Magazines, exp gained, and more.

Should You Repeat or Skip Starfield Main Quest in Starfield NG+?

Should You Repeat or Skip Starfield Main Quest in Starfield NG+

You should Skip Main Quest in Starfield NG+ till you find the best ‘Universe Variation’ you want to live in. This is because your ultimate goal will be to continue the NG+ cycle when your character enters the Unity and is “reborn” to start anew in a new variant of the universe to collect the artifacts of that universe. Every New Game Plus presents you with a distinct universe. This means you can keep returning to the Unity to open up new outcomes and exciting possibilities.

So, the three main reasons you need to skip the Starfield main quests and start next NG+ are as follows:

  1. Visit all “Universe Variations” and find the best one you want to stay.
  2. Get the best Starborn Spacesuit.
  3. Get the best Starborn Spaceship.

Whether you skip or repeat the main quest, you’ll always receive the first Artifact from Constellation and follow the randomized locations given by Vladimir to get the rest. This means you can go to the Unity anytime and jump to all new variations of your universe.

Skipping the main quest in Starfield is the best way to experience different Universe Variations, add replayability to the game, or even if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to collect all the artifacts. This saves you from having to replay the entire story again.

Starborn Spacesuit & Spaceship

When you complete one NG+ and start a new one, your Starborn ship and spacesuit will upgrade. When you start your first New Game Plus playthrough, you’ll receive a powerful Starborn ship. With each subsequent completion of New Game Plus, your ship will become even stronger. After beating the game six times, your ship will reach its final upgrade, making it one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy.

So, after beating the game for the first time, you’ll receive a new spacesuit called the Starborn Spacesuit Astra. With each subsequent completion of New Game Plus, you’ll receive a stronger version of the suit. After beating the game ten times, you’ll receive the final upgrade, the Starborn Spacesuit Venator, one of the most powerful spacesuits in the game.

Upgrading your Starborn ship and spacesuit through NG+ is a great way to challenge yourself and extend your Starfield experience. It’s also a great way to prepare for even more difficult challenges in future content updates. Like the DLC, Starfield: Shattered Space. This story expansion was announced as part of the Premium and Constellation editions of the game.

To Find the Best Variation of the Starfield Universe

You enter a new universe whenever you collect all the Artefacts, finish the Armillary, and reemerge from the Unity. Then, when you come to meet Constellation for the first time, you might not recognize the same people you met before. There’s a chance you’ll encounter something different when you visit the Lodge.

Also, you must convince these companion variants to join you this time. Unlike your first playthrough, they will not follow you naturally. You may need to do a few quests for them or even persuade them. You may even jump into universes, where the said companions may be your enemies or even totally replaced by other characters.

Starfield Alternate Universe List

Here is the list of all Starfield Alternate Universe found by xGarbett:

  1. Same Old Constellation
  2. Meeting a Non-Starborn Version of Yourself
  3. Meeting Multiple Versions of You
  4. Vasco is Alive, but Everyone Else is Dead
  5. Sarah Morgan as a Plant
  6. Hunter Killed Everyone
  7. Andreja and Va’ruun Zealot Taken Over
  8. Walter Stroud Sells You the Artifacts
  9. Cora Coe as a Starborn
  10. Children Playing Constellation Member Roles at Lodge
  11. Evil You Kills Everyone

To truly understand what I mean, check out the xGarbett’s full video :

That’s all about whether you should repeat or skip the main quest in Starfield New Game Plus. While you are here, check out more of our Starfield articles, like vendors with the most credits, and more.