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Best Victims Tips For Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

If you are new to the Victim role in similar games or simply want to improve your gameplay, here are some survival tips and tricks for TCSM that you can follow for wins.

Victims in TCSM are tasked with escaping the Killers via the various exit methods in the game. And due to the different factors and the terrifying Family members, things can get tough really fast. If you are working towards getting better at playing as a Victim in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game and how to survive and escape, here’s a list of tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Survival Tips For Victims

Every game will be different and the strategies implemented by the Family/Killers will differ. Some may wait around at the exits to catch you trying to escape, or some may be players experienced in the asymmetrical horror genre due to Evil Dead The Game, Dead by Daylight, etc. But the following general tips will come in handy if you are interested in playing as the Victim in TCSM.

Create a Plan Before a Match

know the character attributes tcsm game

In your first few games, you will find yourself getting caught by the Family members because stealth and timing are everything in the game. Do not get into a match before hatching a proper plan and without knowing your abilities and the abilities of the Family. If you are playing co-op with friends, strategize your escape route beforehand. This is a game where you don’t need to work together with others because if you survive and win, you will earn EXP accordingly. Even if you die, you will get some amount of XP.

So, figure out how you are going to escape. Which exit method is the best for you? The Pressure Valve, the Car Battery, the Generator, or the Fuse? Plan it out and try to go directly to the task at hand. If you are playing with friends and communicating via voice chat, make sure to have a strategy about who plays which character and what exit they wish to use in-game. You can check out our upcoming TCSM Victims and Family tier lists to know which are the best characters to pick.

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Get Started Immediately

This is one of the most important tips for victims in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. As soon as the prompt to wiggle out of being tied up appears on the screen, begin removing yourself from the trap. Spam it. Time is of the essence and the Family members haven’t started hunting for you yet, so quickly get down and find your way out. Although hitting the button too fast can be loud, the Family won’t hear it at that time. That’s until their cutscene animation is over which is when you are at risk again.

Study the Character Beforehand


Every Victim has attributes like Toughness, Endurance, Strength, Proficiency, and Stealth. Choose a character with the stats and abilities that you prefer and study that character beforehand via Youtube, streams, etc and look up which is the best build for them. That’s because using a character that has good Strength stats but low Stealth numbers means they can get detected quickly but can use brute force to protect themselves or another victim if they are nearby. Knowing this information before you get into a match is crucial for your in-game decisions and skillset, especially with random players.

Run instead of Walking whenever Needed

Running or sprinting does not make noise. So if you are not in a chase, keep running to get your objectives done because every second matters. Even though it affects your stamina, the main goal is to escape. We will be mentioning all Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game controls for your reference.

Respec the Points for New Characters

If you are trying out a new character, make sure to use the points you used on a previous character on the new one. This way you can boost certain aspects of the new character and improve what they are lacking. Take a photo of the previous skill tree in case you wish to go back to it in the future.

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Hide and Complete Objectives Side by Side


map layout texas chainsaw massacre game

You must hide whenever the Family members are nearby – be it in the bushes, or behind items – and for that, you need to know the map inside out. This is one of the most important tips recommended by Youtubers for players trying out the role of Victims in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. Knowing the map well will come with practice and you will mess up during your initial games. That’s perfectly okay!

xp stats tcsm game
image source: BloodThirstyLord on Youtube

But one of the few mistakes that new players make is ONLY hiding – you need to also ensure that you are making your way to the exit. Either go with a teammate if you’d like, unlock doors, find items that will let you escape, etc. You need to do this while your character is feeling very scared and weak, so keep playing, again and again, to eventually get better at your gameplay.

While you are moving around, make a mental note of places to hide in the current match and future matches. Instead of just running from one point to another, you need to hide, look around and then decide what you are going to do next. Soon enough, this will become muscle memory.

Be Ready when Grandpa Wakes Up

how to avoid grandpa as victims
image source: BloodThirstyLord on Youtube

Grandpa will be sleeping at the beginning but if Victims make a lot of noise or escape the basement, he will wake up. Plus, the Family members are supposed to give him blood to drink which will make him more powerful. If the Family members are focusing on leveling up Grandpa (and therefore his victim detection ability), there is a way to attack him. You need to find and retrieve Bone Scraps on the map and attack Grandpa with them, but do it only when you are okay if the other Family members are also alerted.

how to attack grandpa texas chainsaw massacre game

If you let the blood reach max level (level 5), Grandpa’s ability will upgrade from detection while still to detection while moving as well.

So as soon as you hear Grandpa scream, you need to get more alert than you were a few seconds before. The best tip is to be still once you hear the first scream.

victims hiding spots tcsm game

After the coast is clear and the effect is over, use every ability that the victims have like getting into tight spaces, using crevices, and more to ensure you are not attacked. If you are incapacitated, you get one more chance to get up but if you get incapacitated again, you die.

Keep an Eye Out for Traps & Sound Alerts

how to escape killers texas chainsaw massacre

The map is loaded with items that will make noise if you step on them, go through them, or even walk nearby. There will be hanging ‘decorations’ in doorways made of bones that will make sounds and even chickens in cages that will start clucking and reveal your position to the killers.

Unlock Doors but Keep them Shut

If you have voice chat enabled, you can communicate with your team when you lockpick multiple doors. Youtuber Podcast Now suggests keeping them closed and if possible, opening them all up at the same time which is when Grandpa will most likely be alerted. Despite that, get out of the basement and spread across the map so that you are tough to pinpoint.

Ensure you have Tools

victim survival tips texas chainsaw massacre game

You will need tools (2 slots are available) to escape so make sure to not miss out on them while navigating the map. If you all are spread out across the map trying to complete the exit objectives, these tools will be your lifesaver because you can unlock more than one door this way. If you are all caught in one location, it’s very easy for the Family to eliminate everyone at once. So, remember that the tools, attributes, knowledge of the map, your decisions, and voice chat combined will be what you basically need to escape in TCSM.

Can you Kill the Family of Killers in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

Unfortunately, you can’t kill the Family members but you can fight back your foes, and stab Grandpa with Bone Scraps. They won’t die and the win condition for Victims is to escape the Family.

These were some tips on how to stay alive as Victims in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. Be sure to explore our category page for more helpful guides!