Texas Chainsaw Massacre: How To Play With Friends (Crossplay)

Here's how to invite, add and play TCSM game with friends in a party.

The thrill of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game is best enjoyed if you invite and add friends to play co-op together. With the presence of crossplay, this feature gains more of an audience since players from PC, PS, and Xbox can play together (with some limitations related to old-gen). Here’s how to play TCSM game with friends in a party.

How to Play with Friends in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Cross-Platform)

  • To play TCSM game with friends from different platforms, everyone needs to first enable crossplay and then one player has to create an Invitation code.
    tcsm game party options
  • Check the Main Menu of the game. There will be a Party Options button (C for PC users).
    how to host and create party tcsm with friends
  • On the pop-up, you will see two options: Create Party and Join Party.

How to Create Party in Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

  • If you are the host of the party, click on Create Party from the Party Options pop-up from the main menu.
    how to add invite friends to party tcsm game
  • You will get a unique code that you can share with cross-platform friends to join your team. You can also click on INVITE to send a game invite to friends on your platform.
    how to invite friends same platform texas chainsaw massacre
  • As soon as your friends use your code to join you, you can start the game.
    how to remove friends from party tcsm game
  • If you wish to join someone else’s party, you will have to disband your current party first and hit Accept. Confirm your action by pressing E for Yes.

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Is there Splitscreen or Couch Co-op in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

  • No, there is no feature of splitscreen or couch co-op in TCSM game.

How to Join Party in Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

  • Go to the Party Options at the bottom of the main menu.
  • Click on Join Party.
    how to join party texas chainsaw massacre game
  • A new window will appear where you can type the code that your friend has given to you.
  • Submit the code by pressing the Enter key.

Here’s a video guide for you:

This is basically how you can add and invite players, join a party, and play the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game with friends. An important thing to note is that if you are a group of four friends playing together, you will always end up playing as Victims (co-op). However, if you are a squad of 3 players, you can play as the killer Family and try to win the 3v4 match.

You can coordinate and strategize together with the help of in-game voice chat. But if TCSM voice chat is not working at the moment due to a bug, here’s everything you can do from your end.