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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Fuse Box Locations

Here is guide on where exactly you will find the fuse box scattered around different maps in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

While there are various locations where you will escape the slaughter family, a common way amongst all the maps is the basement door which requires you to activate the fuse box in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Once you power up the box, you will be free to escape the specific map in the game. Although it may look easy, the fuse box is located at random locations around the map, and fixing it too takes some time to figure out. And with the members looking for you all around the map, it seems to become even trickier. So if you are looking for the fuse box all around the map but have no luck, here is a guide with all of the locations you can find on different maps in TCSM.

Fuse Box Locations in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game where to find fuse box in texas chain saw massacre

Family House Fuse Box Locations

  • Hitchhiker’s Bedroom: Players will find a fuse box located inside a small cubby space inside the Hitchiker’s Bedroom in the game. You will have to go up the main stairs in the house to the upper landing, after which you can head inside the first room on your left. Look for a small cubby space inside the room on the right as you enter.
  • Luggage Room: Another location for the box will be the luggage room across the upper landing. Players will have to head up the main staircase and turn left. At the corner, you will spot the luggage room, where you will find the fuse box beside a gap in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
  • Upper Storage: The quickest way to reach the upper storage room would be to take the stairs inside the den. Once you go up, you will find the fuse box beside a small gap entering the cook’s room in the game.

Gas Station Fuse Box Locations

  • Outside Toolshed: One of the locations where you can locate the fuse box in the Gas Station is outside the toolshed just across the house in the game.
  • Front Bedroom: Another area to try out would be the front bedroom inside the house. Players can head inside the house into the hallway and turn right where they will encounter a door leading to the front bedroom. And you will find the fuse box beside the closet in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
  • Rear Bedroom: The last location to try out would be to check the rear bedroom inside the house. Players can head outside the front bedroom and turn right where you will find the rear bedroom across the hallway. You will come across the fuse box behind the table in the room.

Slaughterhouse Fuse Box Locations

  • Top Landing Staircase: One of the first locations to spot the Fuse Box would be outside in the exterior and near the staircase to Top Landing in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. You will find the box right across the valve, so playing as a victim you will have both of the options available but in the open.
  • Facility Backdoor: If you didn’t find the box at the previous location, you can look for it near the Facility Backdoor. Most of the time, you can locate the box inside the area on the right-hand side of the door.
  • Cattle Chute: Cattle Chute will be another area you will need to look for the fuse box in the Slaughterhouse map. You can locate it near the fences of the actual slaughterhouse in the game.

That’s everything covered on all the fuse box locations in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you find this guide useful, check out our How to fight back as victim and best tips for victims guides. For more interesting ones, look out for our dedicated TCSM game section, right here on Gamer Tweak.