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All Map Layouts In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Understanding the map layouts of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game is extremely crucial. Check out this guide to know how to navigate the maps easily.

Since The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game is based on the famous horror franchise, most of the map layouts should be known to players. There will be a few tweaks to the map and the entire layout and, before you start the map, you might want to check out what to expect from TCSM. In this guide, we will provide you with some short details on the maps so you have something to look forward to in TCSM.

All Map Layouts In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

How Many Maps are there in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game?

Currently, there are three maps in Texas Chain Saw Massacre for players to check out and each of them can be confusing and challenging. As a killer, your task is to take out the rest of the survivors. While playing as a victim is fun, you will have to remember the exit points that are available on our TCSM maps in order to escape and survive. If you have seen the movie, all of these maps will seem a lot familiar. Nevertheless, we will give you a brief introduction to each and how they look.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Slaughterhouse Map Layout

Slaughterhouse Map Layout

Slaughterhouse is definitely one of the iconic and fan-favorite maps in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The entire layout of the map is a terrifying maze and whether you choose to be the Family or the Victim, you will have to go through the map a few times before you can formulate a way of moving around. While it has numerous places to hide behind due to the obstacles, players will either find it extremely hard to escape the place or will wiggle their way through it. Hurry up before Grandpa’s powers begin to increase or there will be no place for you to hide.

TCSM Game The Family House Map Layout

Family House Map Layout

The Family House is another iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre game map that you will definitely recognize from the movies. While it is arguably a little more challenging to escape, it’s far less confusing to get out of the basement and make your way through the terrifying house of the family. Having said that, you should also know that as a Family, you will also have numerous chances to set your traps, poison items, and of course, feed blood to Grandpa. Additionally, the basement is a great location for Leatherface to take command since he is strongest when it comes to the basement.

TCSM Game Gas Station Map Layout

Gas Station Map Layout

As a Victim, the Gas Station map will either be the easiest to escape or a set of trap you end up triggering. Since there are numerous broken down cars and other items, you will have different types of cover to hide behind. However, with so many items, the chances of setting up a trap will be higher for the Family. Overall, Gas Station is a challenging map for both teams and does not allow either of them to dominate. If you are a beginner, you would absolutely love the Gas Station Map in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

That’s all we have on the map layout in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other TCSM Guides right here at Gamer Tweak. For example, here’s how to fight back as victims and the best tips to follow if you are trying to get better in your Victim gameplay.

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