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Where To Find Vectera In Starfield (Location)

Check out this guide to know the location of Vectera around the settled star systems in Starfield.

In Starfield, you will embark upon your space adventure from the mines of Vectera but finding its location within all the settled star systems can be a hassle later on. While going through the Back to Vectera questline, players will soon find themselves heading to the Argos Extractors Outpost once again to find Barrett. However, while going through all the mechanics at the start of the tutorial, many might have missed out on small details like where exactly it is located. And as you will be traveling extensively throughout the star systems it can be difficult to track a specific planet or moon down. So if you are looking to find Vectera and land in the Argos Extractors Outpost, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Vectera Location StarfieldWhere To Find Vectera In Starfield

Players will come across Vectera in the Narion System in Starfield. Vectera is one of the two moons that orbit the gas giant Anselon in the system. You will find Anselon to be the sixth planet from the system’s star. After entering the system, you can navigate your way to Anselon in the Starmap and look for Vectera around accordingly. Once done you can interact with the rocky moon and look for Argos Extractors Outpost around the surface. After finding the mining outpost you can land on Vectera and visit the outpost. Here you will also come across Supervisor Lin while going through the Back to Vectera questline.

While the Narion System was once under the United Colonies, it’s now controlled by the Freestar Collective faction. Players will find the Narion system to be located northeast of the Alpha Centauri or directly east of the Sol System in the Starmap. The easiest way to reach the Freestar Collective system and head toward the location of Vectera would be to grav jump to the nearest star system in Starfield. The Wolf and Sol systems are the ones you will find closest to Narion.

However, if you are going Back to Vectera for the questline then you can simply interact with the objective marker from the ship. This will help you grav jump directly toward the Narion system and to Vectera in the game.

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