Valheim: How To Build Reinforced Chest – Bigger Chests

Here's how to build Reinforced Chests in Valheim.

Valheim has crossed over 6 million players in the world. With the new roadmap for Valheim announced by the devs, we have a lot to look out for. Players are getting ready for the new 4 Forsaken bosses by equipping the best weapons and gears in the game. While you are at it, you find usually find yourself running out of space in your chests. There is a solution out there to build bigger chests. So today let us look at how to build Reinforced Chests in Valheim.

How to Build Reinforced Chests in Valheim?

The Reinforced Chests in Valheim recently got an increased size buff from 18 to 24 (6×4) item slots. This can be crafted at Workbench using 10x Fine Wood and 2x Iron. This is the best chest you can build in the entire game. And with the recent buff, no other chests offer as much value in Valheim as the Reinforced Chests. To build this item you need to have both Fine Wood and find Iron.

Valheim Build Reinforced Chests

You can chop down Birch trees and Oak trees to get Fine wood in Valheim. For that, you will need a Bronze axe. You will need 4 wood, 8 bronze, and 2 leather scraps to craft it in the Forge. This all can be done only if you have defeated the first boss Eikthyr and once you have unlocked mining.

Iron can be smelted from Scrap iron in the Smelter using Coal as fuel. It takes 30 seconds to smelt one. To get a Smelter in Valheim, you will need to first get your hands on 5 Surtling cores and 20 stones, once you have these items you will need to select your hammer and press F to switch to the Crafting tab. Select the Smelter, and place it beside the workbench and you will be able to smelt items whenever you want in Valheim.

That’s everything you need to know about how to build Reinforced Chests in Valheim. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki Guide. There’s a lot that is unexplained in the game but our guides will make things super easy for you.