Valheim Boss Progression Guide

Here's everything you need to know about how to move forward in Valheim.

There is no denying that Valheim has surpassed 1 million sales in its first week on Steam Early Access but there are tons of players who have been playing the game don’t actually know where to go and what to do next. The only reason why players are looking for the boss progression guide is because they want to know how to be prepared for the bosses. If you have just started playing Valheim and don’t know how to progress in the game then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

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Valheim Boss Progression Guide

Valheim Progression Guide

Once you have been dropped by a bird, you will see a little ruin. Upon clicking on that ruins, you will see a map, showing the location of the first boss. Instead of directly heading over to the first boss, you will have to run around and pick up berries, mushroom rocks and woods.

Once you have accumulated enough woods, craft hammer and a wooden club. Later, you will have to craft a shelter and Pickaxe and more useful items.

First Boss Fight – Eikthyr

Now, you will have to head over to the Black Forest, where you will find a dungeon. After entering the dungeon, you will find a lot of skeletons. You will have to collect as many skulls as you can and make sure to collect all useful items found in the Dungeon. You will also found the location of the second boss in the Dungeon. After getting out of the Dungeon, make sure to craft all useful materials via Workbench.

Valheim Progression Guide

To fight the first boss named Eikthyr in Valheim, you require to have two Deer trophies. While fighting with the first boss, make sure to use bow and arrows and keep a safe distance. Once you defeat the first boss, you will get its head as a trophy and you will be able to put this on the stone at the start and this will give you a buff, which can be activated by pressing F.

Valheim Boss Progression – Second Boss Elder

To summon the second boss in Valheim, you will have to collect some of the seeds of the ancient dropped by the Shamans the brutes and the spawners that can be found inside the Black Forest. Once you have got enough seeds, you can summon the Elder.

Defeating the Elder in Valheim is quite complicated, you simply to maintain a safe distance and keep hitting arrows. Once you kill the Elder, you will receive a key, that will be quite useful.

Phase Merchant

There are players who have not come across a merchant despite playing Valheim for hours. If you too are one of them don’t worry, we have got your back.

Here are a few simple steps to find Merchant in Valheim:

  • Go to your main menu
  • Start a new server
  • Enter ‘42069lolxd’ on the seed area
  • Head down south and follow the ocean and you will see a bit of land and jump across the line and there you will see a pop-up icon.
  • There, you will find a merchant in Valheim

Once you found a Merchant, click on the little ‘Sell’ button. When you click on this button, any rubies or any valuable item you have in your inventory will be sold and you will get coins, that can be used to get stuff.

Valheim Progression Guide

Bonemass Boss

There are multiple bosses in Valheim but Bonemass is the toughest to defeat. Before fighting with the third boss, head over to swamp dungeon and use the key that you got for killing the second boss to open the swap dungeon.

When you get inside the dungeon, you will find a lot of scrap iron and big withering bones. Make sure to collect at least 10 withering bones, because you would not be able to summon the third boss until you have to bones.

Valheim Progression Guide

Once collected, head to the bone mass and put them in there and get ready to face the third boss. As we have said that this is the toughest boss as of now, make sure to attack him wisely. He is quite weak to blunt items.

Once you defeat the Bonemass, you will get Wishbone, which can be used to find Silver Ore inside of Mountains and Treasures that can be sold to Merchant in exchange for money.

Dragon Moder Boss

After summoning Dragon Moder, you will have to use Needle arrows to attack the fourth boss. For the unversed, you can get the Needles from the bugs that can be found in the planes but if you have some Silver gear, it would be a lot easier to defeat the Dragon Moder.

Once you kill the Dragon Moder, you will get some Dragon Tears, which you can use to craft artisan table in Valheim. First thing you need to do is grab its head and put on the pedestal at the start and you receive a buff, allowing you to have five minutes worth of wins.

Yagluth Boss

Continuing the Valheim boss progression, the next boss is Yagluth. After summoning the final boss Yagluth, you will have to use the same modus operandi that you did while fighting with Dragon Moder.  Once you managed to kill Yagluth, you will be rewarded with a Placeholder. Notably, it has not been added to the game yet but when the game is updated, this will surely turn into some valuable item.

Valheim Progression Guide

Apart from Placeholder, he will also drop his trophy and if you manage to put the trophy which should be the last one on your list of bosses, you will get the ability to be not affected by the Elemental damage and this also works for frost within the mountains.

We have curated this Valheim Boss Progression guide specifically for those who don’t want to waste time walking around each and every region and would rather skip to the action.