Valheim: How To Build Ramps And Slopes

Check out how to create a steep slope or ramp to make your travels with a Cart much easier.

Those players who are already hours and hours into the game are looking for ways to make their travels easier and that’s where Ramps and Slopes in Valheim come in. You can use them to move around your all-important cart over terrains much easily. But there’s a certain technique to follow if you want these elements around your base or elsewhere. So, here’s how to build ramps and slopes in Valheim.

How to Build Ramps and Slopes in Valheim

How To Build Ramps And Slopes
Image source: Ubunaga

Players can make a Ramp and Slope in Valheim that will facilitate travel with your cart with this method:

  • Raise your ground using the Hoe tool.
  • Get it to the height that you want it to be.
  • Jump off from the raised ground.
  • Expand the raised ground to make a wall.
  • Now to make a ramp or slope, you have to decide how steep you want it to be.
  • Based on that, you have to raise your ground in the form of a slope.
  • Keep doing this as you back further away.
  • You will now see a very rough slope-like structure with some major bumps in between.
  • With the Level Ground tool, flatten the areas which are raised to make them smooth.
  • You will have to keep doing this until the entire area is flattened enough to call it a Ramp or Slope.

So, this is process you need to follow to build a ramp and slope in Valheim. Go ahead and use your Cart to transport more ore and resources with this method. To make things easier for you, here’s a video by Youtuber Ubunaga that will show you this process:

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