Valheim: How To Defeat Fulings And Get Fuling Totem

How to fight, defeat Fulings in Valheim and get the Fuling Totem drops from them.

Fuling Totem is a statue that you can find in the Plains biome. You can get it in Fuling villages and structures. They are also dropped rarely from Fuling Berserkers. As you may already know, Fuling Berserkers are stronger versions of Fulings. They wield large clubs and deal a huge amount of damage to the players. Read on to know more about how to beat Fulings and get Fuling Totems in Valheim.

How To Beat Fulings And Get Fuling Totem In Valheim?

Each biome is ruled by different creatures. Greyling in Meadows, Greydwarfs in the Black Forest, Surtlings  & Draugr Elites in Swamps, Fenrings & Wolves in mountain thus same Plain biome is an abode to different Fuling types and Deathsquitos. Plains biome is filled with creatures like ranged and melee Fulings, Fuling Brutes, and Fuling Shamans. Fulings are creatures with green bodies and pointy bat-like ears. They are easy to kill if they are alone. But due to this disadvantage, the Fulings always try to be together in groups and always encamp in Fuling Villages. Also, you need to collect five Fuling Totems and placing them on offering bowls at the sacrificial altar to start the Yagluth Boss Battle.

Valheim How To Defeat Fulings And Get Fuling Totem

You can find Fuling Shamans in Fuling Villages along with Fulings and Fuling Brutes. You need to try to take down the Fuling Shamans first in a village fight. Because they can make other Fulings in their vicinity more powerful for some time.

To attack the weaker Fulings you need to carry at least 80 armor & a Silver shield of lev 4 to parry a zero star Fuling. You can parry both their melee and ranged attacks. Parrying will give you the opening enough to land an attack with a good melee weapon. This single blow is enough to instantly kill a zero star Fuling. To one shot them using a ranged weapon, you need to have Frost arrows or Needle arrows with a level 4 Huntsman bow. As easy you might think a zero-star Fuling is, you cannot parry a 2-star Fulings and can only be partially blocked using your strong shield. You should pull these creatures away from other Fulings to effectively dodge their attacks and beat them.

Tips to Kill Fulings

Your best bet is to kill these creatures in stealth one by one. If they spot you and attack you in a group, then you need to use weapons like clubs, Porcupine, Frostner with high damage and high knockback. If all the Fuling Shamans in the group are dead then you need to focus on taking out Fuling archers & Berserkers. Berserkers use their large clubs to deal with three different types of attacks. A right to left swinging attack, a stronger attack that swings from left to right, and 3 head slams in succession after a roar animation.

After killing these enemies, you will get Coins, Black Metal scraps, and Fuling Totems. Remember that you need to collect five Totems or you can completely avoid killing Fuling Shamans. Instead, you can explore the Plains biome to find five of them in forts and laying around in villages.

That’s all you have to know about how to beat Fulings and get Fuling Totems in Valheim. To know more such tips and tricks to be the best Viking in this game, check out our Valheim wiki right away.