How To Get Needle Arrows In Valheim?

Learn more about Needle Arrows in Valheim.

Valheim has a massive inventory. The game is filled with different weapons and items. The game even has a good amount of resources that you can mine throughout the game. These help you to craft various different items ranging from weapons, armor to various different items. It goes without saying that the rarer the resource the more powerful and strong an item will be. This is a universal constant and holds true in Valheim as well. Speaking of rare items, the ‘Needles’ fall into this category. This guide will tell you everything that you want to know about Needle Arrows and why they may be the best arrows in Valheim along with How to Craft Needle Arrows.

What are Needle Arrows in Valheim

Where to get Needle Arrows in Valheim
Learn to craft the Best Arrow in Valheim.

The Needle Arrow is one of the most powerful weapons in Valheim. They have a piercing ability of 62 units as well as a knockback capability of 15. They are available for crafting after having a Workbench Level of 4. Crafting Needle Arrows requires you to have 2 different resources, Needles and Feathers.

How to Craft Needle Arrows

To get some Needles you will have to Kill Deathsquitos. These annoying creatures can be found in the Plains Biome which is a dangerous place in its own right. Feathers can be taken from the seagulls and are relatively easier as compared to collecting Needles. For crafting these arrows make sure that you upgrade your Workbench that all the way up to Level 4. The recipe for Needle Arrows is unlocked when you get Needles after killing a Deathsquito. You will require 4 Needles and 2 Feathers to Craft a batch of 20 Arrows.

This is everything that you need to know about What Needle Arrows are and How to Craft them in Valheim. You can learn more about the game by looking at our comprehensive Valheim Wiki.