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How To Get Wall of Duty Achievement In COD: Modern Warfare 2?

Wall of Duty Trophy requires Riot Shield that cannot be found easily in open regions. Read this guide to find ways to unlock the achievement.

Wall of Duty is another trophy in COD Modern Warfare 2. But this one has a special requirement. You will have to kill three enemies using a Riot Shield. You will have to grab the shield and kill enemies. This can be done by shooting or by using a melee attack while holding the shield. In this guide, I will help you with Riot Shield Location in MW2 and how to easily unlock Wall of Duty Achievement.


How To Get Keeping This One Achievement?

MW Riot Shield

Riot Shield can be found in Mission 14: Prison Break. You will encounter a few guards holding them. The first goal is to steal and then eliminate other guards using the shield. This can sound a little complicated at the start, but the mission is extremely simple.

  1. You will need one Flashbang to stun guards with Riot Shield. One can be found at the entrance of the prison area.
  2. Throw a Flash Bang and shoot on one of the enemy’s feet by lying down. Do not stand in front or else you will take heavy damage.
  3. Before the guard gets back into position run and grabs the shield.
  4. Now you can either shoot two guards in front of you or use a Melee attack with the shield. Both works.

After taking down three guards, while holding the shield MW2 Wall of Duty Trophy is unlocked. In the same mission, you can also unlock one more trophy. That is the MW Daredevil trophy, to get this just kill two enemies who are affected by one Flashbang.


There are many more trophies to unlock, for this you can check our COD MW2 All Achievements guide to know in detail. The entire game has over 24 achievements and 25 trophies. Grabbing all will reward you with a 1000-game score. For more help try our COD MW2 Wiki Guide. This extensive article has many helpful tips and tricks, unlock guides, and more.