How To Unlock The Alternate Ending In Tekken 8 And Despair Achievement

Do you feel something is missing in the game? Here is how you can get the secret ending in Tekken 8.

In Tekken 8, the game has a story mode known as The Dark Awakens. Interestingly, there are two different endings that you can get here a good and a bad one. What makes the secret ending special is unlocking it isn’t all that difficult and you can do it from the last chapter itself. So you don’t have to worry about replaying other chapters to alter the storyline. Additionally, this ending also gets you the Despair trophy. So below is everything you should know about it.

How to Unlock the Secret Bad Ending in Tekken 8 – Let Kazuya Win

Tekken 8 How To Unlock The Secret Ending And Despair Achievement
Jin Kazama fighting Kazuya Mishima in Tekken 8.

You have to Lose to Kazuya in the final fight to get the hidden ending and the Despair trophy. There is a catch here though, you can’t just stand still and wait for him to end you. This will just result in a Game Over. What you need to do is lower Kazuya’s health until he gets into the Rage state. You can easily identify this when Kazuya has only the last chunk of his health bar left and starts glowing red.

Just standing still can make your character block Kazuya’s attacks. So what you should do here is jump or crouch to get hit. This will make sure you lose to Kazuya faster.

Spoilers warning, ahead we will check what happens when you get this ending so if you want to experience it yourself it would be better to pause here and come back later.

What Happens in the Tekken 8 Despair Bad Ending?

In typical Tekken Tradition when you lose, the father throws their son down the cliff. As such you see Kazuya throw Jin’s body down a cliff. Talk about not breaking the cycle of generational trauma, well at least Heihachi would approve of this method! Finally, the scene shifts to Kazuya’s office where he looks at his hand and says “Even without my devil form, I’ll fight to the end.”

That is all for the hidden alternate ending of the game and how you get the Despair achievement by letting Kazuya win. But even after Tekken 8’s story is over there is a lot more you can do, check out our guides on how the heat system works, how you can earn fight money fast, and use rage art.