Tekken 8: How to Earn Fight Money Fast

Ready to farm Fight Money (Gs) in Tekken 8? Try these best methods to earn them as quickly as possible.

Fight money in Tekken 8 is the in-game currency that you can use to buy cosmetics and customize your characters in interesting clothes, make your profile UI look fancier, or even customize your Arcade Quest avatar. There are chances that the game will add more uses for Fight money in the future, so if you’re going to invest in the game for long, now is the time to farm and collect cash.

character customization screen with cosmetics
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edit your character with cosmetics in tekken 8
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hairstyle options for fighters
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If you’re just starting out and are wondering how to earn and farm Fight Money in Tekken 8, there are a few ways to make it happen quickly. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend real money to get this currency – yet.

How Can I Earn Fight Money Fast in Tekken 8?

While simply playing the various modes of the game will earn you Fight Money in various amounts, here’s everything you can do to farm more of it, faster.

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Complete Arcade Quest objectives

arcade quest objectives reward fight money
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This can help you earn big amounts like 1,000,000G when you defeat a boss and 10,000,000G when you complete all chapters in Arcade Quest.

Play in the Arcade Battle Mode

tekken 8 arcade battle area to use fight money
Source: Bandai Namco

1,000,000G Fight Money is one of the rewards when you play Arcade Battle for the first time. Keep playing it to earn more and more cash fast!

Complete Character Stories/Episodes

When you complete a fighter’s “character episode story”, you will earn 1,000,000G Fight Money which is pretty good to stock up the currency because there’s one for each of the 32 characters in the base roster.

Complete the Story: The Dark Awakens

While many love the multiplayer aspect of Tekken 8, completing the main story is worth doing, because when you finish Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens, you are rewarded with 10,000,000G, no matter which difficulty you play on.

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Play Online Matches

When you start playing Online matches such as Quick Match, Ranked Match, and Group Match, you will get 1,000,000G each as a reward. And if you enjoy playing online, earning Fight money in Tekken 8 is going to be a breeze for you.

Apart from these best ways to earn Fight Money, there are several methods to get smaller amounts. For example, if you defeat your own ghost in Super Ghost Battle, you’ll make a quick buck as well.

In short, any form of combat (including bonuses during fights like Heat Smash bonus, Win Bonus, etc), story, Arcade Quest, and Super Ghost Battle will bring you Fight Money in Tekken 8.

Where to Spend Fight Money in Tekken 8?

purchase customization options like outfits for fighters
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Once you’ve collected a high amount, you are ready to spend it on character customization, UI changes like title plates, health gauge look, player information panels, and avatar customization in Arcade.

That’s all for this one! If you are eager to hop online against opponents in Tekken 8, here’s a controls guide for beginners to learn how to block, parry, and more.