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How To Unlock Every Characters In HoloCure

Can't wait to try out all the characters in HoloCure then check out how you can unlock all of them.

HoloCure features up to 38 characters also known as Idols that you can unlock and play with. Each of them has their own starting Weapon, Special Attacks, and some Skills, which makes them more unique. However, you won’t get to use all of them right from the start and only get 5 Idols free by default. We know you are quite eager to try all the characters out, but for that, there are some things you’ll need to do. So for your reference below, we have mentioned everything you need to know about unlocking new characters in the game.

How to Unlock All Characters in HoloCure

How To Unlock Every Characters In HoloCure all idols

To unlock all characters in HoloCure, you’ll need to pull each of them from the Idols group Gacha banners. Each pull at any of the banners will cost you up to 1,000 HoloCoins. Every character has an equal drop rate from the banners so it’s all about your luck. As of now, there are 9 banners featuring different groups of characters in each of them. Players must see the banner carefully before they make a pull so that they can get the Idol they are looking for. To access the Gacha system in HoloCure, simply select the Shop option, then click on the Character Gacha option. After that, toggle to the Banner you want to try your luck at and then click on it to make a Single or 10x Pull.

If you somehow unlock duplicate characters in HoloCure, then the system will increase HP, ATK, and SPD by up to 20% of that Idol. Along with that, it will also grant you 1x Gambler’s Tear. Players can use 7 Tears to redeem any Idol of their choice. Whereas, 15 Tears can be used to unlock Outfits for the Idols. But do note, that the Tear you obtain from a particular banner, can’t be used for other banners. In other terms, this item is banner-specific, depending on which banner you got it from.

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That sums everything up about how you can unlock all characters in HoloCure easily. If you are running low on the in-game currency, then check out the best farming ways to get HoloCoins. Also, take a look at some tips & tricks to get High Scores in Endless Mode.

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