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HoloCure: How To Get More HoloCoins (Farming Guide)

Looking to farm more coins for character gacha? Check out this guide to know how you can get more HoloCoins in HoloCure.

In HoloCure, players will need to earn as many HoloCoins as they can during their run to spend on Character Gacha for new characters in the game. The coins can also be used to buy stat upgrades, enhancements, and even special attacks for unlocked characters. And while completing stages and endless mode runs will let you earn a decent amount of coins. One might wonder if there is any farming method available to increase the number of coins earned by characters in HoloCure. So if you are looking for ways to get more HoloCoins in the game, this is the guide you should check out further to know more.

How to Farm HoloCoins in HoloCure

how to farm more holocoins in holocure

Before going through the methods, it is worth mentioning that playing endless mode will let you gain more HoloCoins than in stage mode. This is because while stage mode has a limited time to survive, the endless mode goes on till you are defeated. So we would recommend you try out some of the methods below in endless mode itself:

Using Greed Stamp

There are various stamps that you will come across as drops from different enemies in the game. Although if you are looking to get more HoloCoins then Greed Stamp is the one you should equip in HoloCure. The stamp allows players a chance to get Holocoins out of the targets with every hit. One of the most effective ways to use the Greed Stamp is to apply it on IRyS’s Awakened Nephlim Blast. As the blast has its damage reduced, many players have reportedly used the same build to farm out as many HoloCoins in endless mode as possible in the game.

Equip Items

There are a few stat and utility items in HoloCure that will help you increase the drops of HoloCoins from the hordes. These items will upgrade your stats accordingly in the game. Here are the items you should equip to increase the HoloCoins earned:

  • Stolen Piggy Bank: With this utility item, players can get 1 coin for a certain distance traveled. Although the pickup range will also be reduced by 30% in the game.
  • Halu: It increases the number of enemy spawns after equipping and for each enemy defeated you will gain HoloCoins. This will also make the enemy, even more, stronger in HoloCure
  • Super Chatto Time: This item makes the enemy drop more HoloCoins during the run and will also help you automatically pick up all of them in the game.


Fishing is another activity that you can try out to get more HoloCoins in HoloCure. You can unlock fishing after completing stage 1 grassy plains in the game. You will have to play the minigame. After catching enough fish you can sell them in Bloop’s Fish Store beside the pond. Players can make a good amount of HoloCoins with this method in the game.

Similar to using Greed Stamp and IRyS, you can equip the items in the build. This will ensure that you will make the most out of it in the game.

That’s everything covered on how to get more HoloCoins in HoloCure. For more interesting guides, check out our guides on how to watch tv and how to get high scores in the game, right here Gamer Tweak.