HoloCure: How To Get High Scores In Endless Mode

Check out this guide to know how you can get a high scores in the endless mode in HoloCure.

While clearing out stages in Endless mode in HoloCure, players with the highest score in the mode can show them off on the leaderboard. And while it may sound easy, playing the endless mode means facing off with endless waves of fans, minibosses, and even bosses in the game. Once you are defeated, the game calculates your base score which you can submit to the leaderboard to be in the top 100. Although surviving an endless horde of enemies can be quite tricky. So if you are looking to get high scores in the endless mode, here are some tips you can follow and survive the longest in the game.

How to Get High Scores in Endless Mode in HoloCure

how to survive endless mode in holocure

Players will have to first survive as long as possible in the Endless Mode to get High Scores in HoloCure. To make things easy, here are the tips you can follow in the game:

Stat Upgrades

Before their run, players can upgrade their stats by going to the in-game shop available in HoloCure. Not only will this help you enhance your Max HP it also helps you increase your damage, movement speed, critical hit chances, etc. This will help you survive the mode longer and face the endless waves of enemies easily to get high scores. Although these upgrades will require some HoloCoins at your disposal.

Level Up Characters

While facing the hordes, it is necessary to also pick up Exp to level up your HoloCure character in the run. Leveling up will let you have hands-on skills, weapons, items, etc in the game. There are limited slots available so choose wisely. It is worth mentioning that Amelia Watson’s pet companion Bubba can pick up exp when he spawns and she also possesses to multishot weapon. You can use her during the run or someone like Ouro Kronii for her crowd-control abilities to face off enemies and get high scores in HoloCure

Collab Weapons

Collab Weapons are the highest-tier weapons that you can use by combining to max-level basic weapons in the game. These weapons deal more extensive damage than their base ones which will help you face the endless waves of fans in the game. Although there are only 6 weapon slots available, you will be able to have any 4 collab weapons. Players will have to choose them wisely in-game. There are three categories namely Melee, Multishot & Ranged. For survival, we would recommend having a ranged or a multishot collab weapon, or even a character with a normal weapon of the category. They are even super collab weapons you can try out.

Hardcore Mode

Players looking for even more challenges and want to reach high scores can enable Hardcore Mode in the shop in HoloCure. Though you will have to survive the run on a single HP, the score gained in the mode is increased. Surviving in hardcore mode is also challenging so make sure you enter the run with all the upgrades. Body pillows and Headphones are some of the necessary items for survival in the mode that you will come across during your run.

Some of the items that you must have during your run would be Face Mask, Sake, Injection-Type Asacoco & Energy Drink. This will make things easy for you to reach high scores in HoloCure.

That’s everything covered on how to get high scores in endless mode in HoloCure. If you find this guide useful, check out our Holo House & Achievements guide to know more. For more interesting guides like these, look out for our dedicated HoloCure section, right here on Gamer Tweak.