How To Fish In HoloCure (Fishing Guide)

Here are all the fishes you can catch for cooking or feeding your fans in HoloCure.

Use this HoloCure Fishing guide to learn about all the available fishes and where to catch them. HoloCure is a lot more than just a shooting survivor game. It has introduced many new features and modes. One such mode lets you perform Fishing, Farming, and Cooking. You can grow vegetables like Green Beans and Radishes. Cook recipes like Sushi Sets, Tempura, and Burger Meals. And you can catch fish like Pufferfish, Tuna, and Koi Fish. So read along and learn what mode lets you fish in the game.

Where to Find Fish? How to Do Fishing in HoloCure

How To Fish In HoloCure

You can fish in the pond of Holo House mode. And Holo House is unlocked by completing Stage 1 The Grassy Plains. Once you have completed the stage, go to the main menu, and you will see the Holo House button. The House is located in the north of the map, and the pond is in the left part. Interact with the pond to use the rod. You will have to complete a rhythm-style minigame for fishing in HoloCure. And fish you catch will differ based on the rod you are using. We have listed difficulty, fishes, and rods, so read till the end.

How to Know the Difficulty

In HoloCure, whenever fish grabs the hook you see an exclamation mark. And exclamation marks color decides if fish is easy or hard to catch.

  • Yellow: Common slow fish.
  • Orange: Rarer and faster fish.
  • Red: Larger, rarer, and faster than yellow & orange mark fishes.
  • 3 Red: Fastest and hardest Shiny fish.

All Fishes And Required Rod In HoloCure

  • Shrimp: Beginner’s Rod
  • Clownfish: Beginner’s Rod
  • Tuna: Beginner’s Rod
  • Koi Fish: Dad’s Rod
  • Lobster: Dad’s Rod
  • Eel: Dad’s Rod
  • Pufferfish: Blacksmith-Made Rod
  • Manta Ray: Blacksmith-Made Rod
  • Turtle: Atlantean Rod
  • Squid: Atlantean Rod
  • Shark: Turkey Rod
  • Axolotl: Turkey Rod

That’s all for the HoloCure Fishing guide. Fishes you catch from here can be used for cooking or given to fans. So use our HoloCure guides to learn recipes and then check our other same game guides. You can start with how to unlock Stage 2 of the game and how to get Cutting Board.