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Should You Tell The Cabinet In Starfield? (UC Vanguard)

Here's where you can find out if you should tell the Cabinet in Starfield during the Legacy Forged mission.

Choosing the right choice between telling the Cabinet about Vae Victis in Starfield or not might be the most difficult decision during the UC Vanguard questline. While progressing the Legacy Forged mission, you must find out the real culprit behind the Terramorph Outbreak on New Atlantis and Tau Ceti II. As it turns out, the mastermind is Hadrian’s father Francois Sanon also known as Vae Victis. You can either bring him to justice by telling the Cabinet and Hadrian the truth or you can choose to side with him. Although picking either choice doesn’t affect the main quests or storyline, they may affect your desired playthrough.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains heavy spoilers. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the best time to head back, and check later. 

Should You Tell the Cabinet About Vae Victis in Starfield?

There are no direct consequences whether you choose to tell the Cabinet about Vae Victis in Starfield or not. No matter what you choose, you will receive the same rewards for completing the UC Vanguard missions. But if you lie to Cabinet and side with Vae Victis, you can complete missions named Preventive Action for him. These quests involve tracking down the war criminals for him as he stays in the cell. But if you tell the Cabinet the real truth, you will be locked out of this secret questline.

What Happens If You Lie to the Cabinet?

Starfield Should You Tell The Cabinet

If you lie to the Cabinet, the blame for the Terramorph attacks falls on Dr.Reginald Orlase who is dead. For this choice, you must lie to Hadrian Sanon and tell her it was Orlase who carried these attacks. Choose the following dialogue option:

    • It was a man named Dr.Reginald Orlase. He perpetrated the attacks. [Lie]
  • After lying to Hadrian, you must address the Cabinet and let them know it was Orlase.
  • As you head inside the cabinet, choose the following option:
    • Yes, it was Orlase.

You won’t need any persuasion or skill checks during these dialogues. Since Hadrian blindly trusts you, she will back you up about Orlase carrying the Terramorph attacks during the Cabinet meeting. This choice will allow you to work with Vae Victis for loot while earning all the rewards from UC Vanguard. It is a darker path since it technically makes you an Assassin for Hadrian’s father.

What Happens If You Tell the Cabinet the Truth?

Starfield Tell Cabinet about Vae Victis

You can also choose to tell the Cabinet the truth about Vae Victis in Starfield. Likewise, Hadrian will back you up with this choice. But as you do so, he will disappear from his cell and leave you a text note. At the cost of locking out the secret missions by him, you can collect the UC Class One citizen rewards from Commander Tula at the end of the UC questline. These rewards include 18800 Credits alongside discounts on goods and services and a new penthouse for becoming a Class One citizen. But note that to get the penthouse, you must visit the Aphelion Realty office.

For the players wanting some extra loot and credits, you can choose to lie to the Cabinet about Vae Victis. Ultimately, it all comes down to your desired playthrough and character choices. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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