Starborn Mission In Starfield, Explained

Explore how to unlock and complete the mysterious Starborn mission in Starfield. We explain the key decisions when you encounter Helix.

The mysterious Starborn mission is one of the most intriguing quests you can undertake in Starfield. As part of the All That Money Can Buy mission, you’ll come face-to-face with a mysterious stranger desperate to get their hands on a rare and powerful artifact in your possession. Your choices during this encounter will have ramifications for the ongoing lore surrounding the mythical Starborn.

We will explain how to unlock the Starborn mission, the decisions you’ll need to make during your rendezvous with the stranger, and the clues you’ll uncover about the history of the Starborn.

Starborn Mission Walkthrough in Starfield

starborn starfield2

The Starborn mission begins when you are intercepted by a stranger called Helix after obtaining an Artifact during the All That Money Can Buy mission.

Here are the steps to follow throughout this mission:

  • Surrender the Artifact OR Grav jump to anywhere
  • Talk to Noel
  • Attend the lodge meeting
  • Talk to Sarah
  • Add the Artifact to the collection

Helix allows you to hand over the Artifact and stop searching for more. You can surrender it or use your Grav Jump ability to escape.

Regardless, you’ll return to The Lodge in the Alpha Centauri system to complete All That Money Can Buy. Speak with Noel and share what you learned about the Starborn and Helix. Attend the Lodge meeting where Constellation will theorize over the identity of the Starborn.

After the meeting, discuss your thoughts on the Starborn with Sarah. Finally, finish the mission by adding the Artifact you obtained to the collection in the center of the Lodge.

This Starborn mission provides some initial clues about these mysterious ancient beings and sets up further adventures to explore their history and technology spread throughout the settled systems.

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