Star Wars Squadrons Fleet Battle Tutorial Glitch | Is There A Fix?

Here are the know tutorial glitches in Star Wars Squadrons.

Every game experience bugs during their initial release, and the same is true for Star Wars Squadrons. However, the bugs and issues in the game are at a high number causing a deteriorating gameplay experience to the players. One of the many problems in the game is the Star Wars Squadrons tutorial glitch that is irritating players during the tutorial itself. The two Star Wars Squadrons tutorial glitches that are known until now are HOTAS controls bug and fleet battle tutorial glitch.

HOTAS Controls Glitch in Star Wars Squadrons

Many players are already experiencing several problems while using HOTAS, one of which is the Deadzone glitch. There is another issue with the HOTAS and it is faced while playing the tutorial. Your character’s ship is disabled during the tutorial mission and the game asks you to mash any button to proceed further. However, the game is not able to recognize any button and the progress comes to a complete halt.

There is a fix to this problem but it is temporarily. You can fix the HOTAS controls Star Wars Squadrons tutorial glitch by unplugging the joystick. This will solve the issue, but then you cannot plug in the HOTAS controller as the game will not detect it.

how to fix Star Wars Squadrons fleet battle tutorial glitch

Fleet Battle Tutorial Glitch in Star Wars Squadrons

Another tutorial glitch is in the fleet battle tutorial that requires players to destroy a Star Destroyer. However, many have reported that they are not able to destroy the Star Destroyer. The game will not detect that you have completely destroyed the Star Destroyer even after doing so as the health will remain at 1% and not go below that.

This is a tutorial glitch in Star Wars Squadrons from the developer side, and hence, there is not much you can do about this. However, there is a single beam of hope here.

The fix is to follow every step of the tutorial and does not complete any objective before they are mentioned to you. This fix may or may nor work for you. If it works that’s well and good as you would be able to proceed further. However, if it doesn’t you will have to wait until the bug is fixed by developers.

Those were the two Star Wars Squadrons tutorial glitches that many players have encountered yet. Even if you are not able to complete the tutorial, there’s nothing to worry about as you can rely on our guides and jump straight into the actual game. But make sure to read the essential guides that will tell you everything that you might have missed by not playing the tutorial. You can read our guides on how to aim at your targets or how to scan targets in Star Wars Squadrons.