Star Wars Squadrons: HOTAS Deadzone Fix

Get the HOTAS deadzone fixed and take off your flight.

Star Wars Squadrons has recently released, and similar to many games in their during their initial release, it is facing a few issues. The HOTAS is the major problem here in this game. While taking off on their aircraft, players are facing HOTAS deadzone issues. The issue halts players from tweaking the controls of the game according to their preferences. In this Star Wars Squadrons HOTAS deadzone fix guide, we will discuss how you can easily enable it and what are the issues players are facing while mapping changes.

How to Enable and Change HOTAS Controls in Star Wars Squadrons

To enable HOTAS controls in Star Wars Squadrons, you need to first ensure that you have plugged in the HOTAS controller prior to starting the game. If it is not plugged in prior, your system will not be able to detect it. Once you have plugged in the HOTAS controller, the system will auto-detect it and enable it for you. That’s it, you don’t have to do anything, except for sitting back and relaxing while the game starts.

From here, you can simply tweak the HOTAS controls from the settings. Just head to controls in the settings menu and customize the controls according to your preferences. For some reason, the game doesn’t allow changing mouse controls, which are double-tap and hold functions. Apart from these, you can tweak any controls and assign any buttons for them.

how to fix hotas deadzone in star wars squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons: Known HOTAS Issues

The first issue as I have mentioned earlier is that you cannot tweak some mouse functions in the game. Another and bigger issue is the HOTAS deadzone problem. Well, actually the issue is not in the hardware HOTAS deadzone, the actual problem lies in the software. It works fine with small motions, but as a pilot when you move quickly as is required in air fights, the HOTAS cannot match the motion appropriately. This is what causing the HOTAS deadzone issue.

Star Wars Sqaudrons: HOTAS Deadzone Fix

The one and the only way to fix HOTAS deadzone in Star Wars Squadrons is to add a filter in the driving curve. From the general or the flight stick section, you can easily change the curves according to your game style. This will control the throttle motions for you and allow you to take control of how your plane moves according to the speed of HOTAS motion.

That’s the only Star Wars Squadrons HOTAS deadzone fix currently available. There is one more way to solve it, but that’s by downloading third-party applications on your risk. But who wants to take a risk, therefore stick to the fix that is mentioned in this post. Once able to fix the HOTAS deadzone and get into the game, there are several changes that you can make in the game. You can easily change the name of your pilot to your own or to whatever you like. There are several other Star Wars Squadrons ship customizations available that you can perform to tweak the game.