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How to Change Name of Pilot in Star Wars Squadrons?

Star Wars Squadrons randomly select a pilot's name. Is there a way to change the name?

Star Wars Squadrons’ pilot customization screen lets you modify your appearance. You can pick from different settings like head, body type, suits, voice, emotes. But what about the most important setting. Star Wars Squadrons profile name or the pilot’s name. A lot of players are asking how to change the pilot name in Star Wars Squadrons. Well, this can be a tough setting to find but just keep reading.


How to change Pilot name in Star Wars Squadrons?

After selecting your side from Imperial Pilot or Rebel Pilot press A to customize. There is where you can do a lot of changes in the pilot’s profile. There will be a default pilot name assigned to your character. You can view that at the bottom left of the screen. This the default name assigned to you in the story mode. To change the pilot name click on the pencil icon at the end of the screen. You will see a prompt to type your name.

Change Pilot Name Star Wars Squadron

When you are playing online your PSN ID, or Steam User becomes your Pilot’s name in Star Wars Squadrons. So if you want to change the name then you have to go the customization screen. Go to the last options and choose the name of your choice.

It is not right to say Star Wars Squadrons have a lot of customization settings. They are limited to choosing face and body type. What matter is the ship customization? There is where you have to focus more. A strong ship with durability and speed will take you far in the battle. Ship customization allows you to add and remove parts. You cannot add a lot of stuff it will directly impact the flying speed. The objective must be crafting a vehicle with high speed, medium durability, and good firepower.

Through this guide, you can learn to change your name in Star Wars Squadrons. But if you want to know more about this game, about building the best ship, cheat codes, top ship weapons and abilities then check our Star Wars Squadrons Wiki section.