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How to fly fast in Star Wars Squadrons?

Star Wars Squadrons is all about the battle in the sky, if you are not pro you won't survive. Here is a trick on how to get an instant boost while flying.

Star Wars Squadrons have techniques that can let you ace in battle. A kind of shortcuts to jump ahead in the race. One such technique that is useful for both pro and beginners is to fly fast. If you pull out max speed on your battleship you get the first chance to shoot. In this article, we discuss how to fly faster in Star Wars Squadrons. How to control your flying speed and boost it when required. If you are chased you can use the boost power to dodge away. Or if an enemy is getting out of your target zone, the same boost power can put you on its tail.


Trick to increase flying speed in Star Wars Squadrons?

While flying press down on L3 or the left analog stick if you are playing on a console. This will give you a short speed boost. It will not remain active for a long time, remember this is a few second boosts. It is a special ability that comes with a cooldown period. It will be recharged back and you can use it again. All you have to remember is the controls.

Star Wars Squadrons offers different customization options to build a battleship. This is where picking the right components and boost play a vital role in improving the ship stats. You can choose to make your ship faster or you can pick to make it stronger. Here is what you have to do to get more flying speed in Star Wars Squadrons.

  • Remember the controls, press L3, or left analog stick to boost the flying speed.
  • To increase the time of speed flying divert the power to engines.
  • In the ship, the customization menu uses parts that contribute to the shipping speed as well as boost the duration of speed flying.

With these, I am sharing some important tips that will help you a lot.

  • How to throttle – Shoot left joystick in front.
  • How to roll – Move the left joystick left and right.
  • How to boost – Press left joystick.
  • How to drift – Hold and move joystick front to drift while boosting.
  • How to max weapon power – Press D-pad Up.
  • How to max engine power – Press D-pad Left.
  • How to max shield power – Press D-pad Right.
  • How to balance power – Press D-pad down.


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