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How to use cheats codes on Star Wars Squadrons on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?

Are there any cheats for Star Wars Squadrons? If yes then how to use cheats on this game. How they work, is there any mod for Star Wars Squadrons? Well here is the answer.

Star Wars Squadrons is a new star war series game where you play as a fighter pilot. You are free to choose to join the Rebel or the Empire forces. The game also supports multiplayer and VR Mode. You can check the link to know more about turning on VR, or else let’s continue with Star Wars Squadrons Cheat Codes. The game is amazing with a lot of actions, but cheats can make your life easy. The biggest question is are there any cheats for this game?

Star Wars Squadrons Cheat Codes PC


To be frank we are investigating this. There are certain cheats we found, but the issue is that they are not responding on PC. But soon we will be updating these articles with some of the active cheat codes you can try out on Windows 10. Till then you can enjoy the actual gameplay. Also, there are not active known cheats for Star Wars Squadrons PS4 and Xbox One.

There is a second of using cheats on Star Wars Squadrons. That is by using the trainer. Some sites have started sharing the trainer tool which removes a lot of limitations. The most challenging part here is that Star Wars Squadrons is more like a multiplayer game. Once you are online third-party trainers and cheats do not work.

You can choose to go with Story Mode where you will start your journey as a pilot. Battling in the galaxy, your objective is to rank up and choose the right path. There is a Dogfight mode where 5 players compete with the other 5 players. Missions here are simple, it all relies on how fast you can control your ship. Eliminate the enemy and grab the victory flag. The third and final mode in Star Wars Squadrons is Fleet Battles. This you can play with online friends. You can play this mode with bots, where you can participate in a common battle objective.


Two squads of 5 will dominate the battle field, the most aggressive wins the game. The best thing about Star Wars Squadrons is ships and star, fighter classes. The game offers you various customization options to become the best pilot.

Right-now there are no working cheats and we tested out some trailers in the story mode. Game is crashing and we cannot recommend the same here. But stay tuned to gamertweak.com to know more about upcoming Star Wars Squadrons cheat codes.

But if you do not want to miss any important update then you can do one thing. Go to Star Wars Squadrons Wiki section. You can find best tips and tricks, game hacks, and more to try in the game.