How to play Star Wars Squadrons on VR? VR Mode Settings for Console

Do you want to sit inside space ship or hold light saber in your own hand. They there's a much immersive VR mode in Star Wars Squadrons. But how to turn it on?

Star Wars Squadrons support VR. It has a VR mode in the settings that can allow you to have a more immersive experience in playing the game. But this Star Wars Squadrons VR Mode comes with a limitation. I am going to share all the details on how to enable VR settings in the game. Will Star Wars Squadrons VR work on PC?

How to play Star Wars Squadrons on VR on PS4?

PS4 has a dedicated accessory PSVR. Just connect and you can easily enable VR settings in the game. If you are playing Star Wars Squadrons on PS4 then here is how to turn on VR settings.

Just connect the PSVR and launch the game. The game automatically switches to VR mode if the console detects it. There is no hardcore settings or any option to enable it. Wear the headset and start the game, after prologue you will see yourself in the pilot seat. The game screen reflected on the VR headset is way more immersive than what we see on a monitor.

It is like playing live inside the game. So on PS4, it is extremely easy to play the game on VR, all you have to do is wear the headset and launch the game.

How to play Star Wars Squadrons on VR on PC & Xbox?

Star Wars Squadrons do not have any internal settings to turn on VR on a PC. The same goes for Xbox also, we had not able to find any support till yet. We are looking into this and update you soon with Star Wars Squadrons VR settings for PC and Xbox One.

For PC there is a possibility of playing Star Wars Squadrons on VR. As the VR headset replicates the screen you just have to connect it. All your controls will be via keyboard and mouse. Follow the same process as on PS4, wear the headset, and launch the game. You will see your entire PC display on the screen of the VR headset. But things are different on the PS4 console.

You can read a lot about Star Wars Squadrons, we are going to update more tips and tricks on it. Click here to navigate through our Star Wars Squadrons Wiki guide.