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Guide on Star Wars Squadrons Ship Customization – How to change parts?

You can modify your ship as per your need in Star Wars Squadrons. You can add or remove parts to make it better in terms of speed or power.

As a pilot you are in the shoes of a warrior is best on wings. In Star Wars Squadrons a ship is the only vessel you will drive. All battles are airborne, the best ship is a golden ticket to win every match. Star Wars Squadrons has a customization section where you can upgrade your ship. You can modify its cosmetics or adjust parts to increase speed, boost weapon power, etc. In this article, we will discuss how the customization can help you in Star Wars Squadrons.


How to customize ship?

In single-player mode, you will be in the hangar area before launch. Hangar is the lobby of Star Wars Squadrons, where the first thing to do is start a mission. Press R2 and then you will see a screen where you will have to select a ship. Press Square and here you will see options to customize your loadout. This part of the game allows you to tweak your ship the way you want. You can change primary weapons, auxiliaries, hulls, shields, and engines.

Go through all the options and learn about each part one by one. Because whatever you choose will have a direct impact on flying the ship. If you choose to go with the power you will have to sacrifice some speed.

How changing parts impact the game?

Changings parts change the ship stats in Star Wars Squadrons. If you remove a part obviously the ship gets lighter and you get more speed. You can adjust part to increase the ship’s durability so that you can stay longer in the fight. There are various parts in the customization section that allows you to build the kind of ship you are looking for. You can always customize your ship before starting a mission.

Star Wars Squadrons Ship Guide


Just return to the hangar and start playing. If you find the type of battle you are playing requires more speed then adjust the parts accordingly. The customization option is right on the main screen. Hit the tab and you will be able to go through various cosmetics.

You can change your factions, pick a ship, and adjust parts here. You can also modify the ship’s appearance and more will be unlocked while completing missions.