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Star Wars Squadrons: How To Destroy Star Destroyer (Fleet Battles)

Destroy the destroyer in Star Wars Squadrons.

While playing Star Wars Squadrons, you will encounter a star destroyer multiple times. Regardless of the campaign mode, be it story mode or during the Fleet Battles, you will have to destroy star destroyer in the game to progress. It is a really complex task, but you will gradually get your hands on to easily defeat star destroyer in Star Wars Squadrons. However, just to act as a catalyst in the process, we have compiled this Star Destroyer Guide for you. In this guide, we will walk you through how to destroy star destroyers in the game. Not just that, we will list down all the possible tactics that can help you easily defeat star destroyer in Star Wars Squadrons.


How to Destroy Star Destroyer in Star Wars Squadrons

A star destroyer ship is filled with many shields and attack systems. Hence, it is important to know what to target first to easily take down a star destroyer. We have therefore created a step by step guide here.

Star Detstroyer’s Shields Should be Your First Target

Similar to all the other flagships in the game, star destroyers are also protected with shields. To destroy star destroyer, you will first have to break the shields protecting it. There are hull integrity indicators located on the shield. These indicators denote the amount of health left in a shield and the star destroyer itself. It is circular in shape, the upper half green-colored semisphere denotes the shield’s health and the lower half white-colored semisphere denotes the star destroyer’s health.

The first thing to do here is to attack the hull and deplete the green bar in the indicator. The best place to attack the hull is from beneath the star destroyer. This is because the are fewer turbolasers present in the bottom as compared to any other place. You can use any high-damage weapon and missile that you have in your inventory to take it down. Once the green bar is depleted, it means that the star destroyer is open for taking damage.

defeat star destroyer in fleet battles


Next to Take Down are all Subsystems

When the shields are broken and damage can be made, the first thing to aim for is all the subsystems in the star destroyer. Before being able to destroy star destroyer, you need to ensure that all the subsystems are taken care of. You can highlight the subsystems by holding LT/L2 and then choosing the “Flagship Systems.”

The first among all the subsystems should be the shield generators. These generators can rebuild the shields that protect the star destroyer. If they are able to do so, you will have to take down the shields again, before being able to damage the ship. Probably you might not be able to take down the shield generators in one go at the beginning, but eventually, you will be. After the generators are gone, you can target the rest of the subsystems in any order.

Damage the Targeting System Next

Your next target should be the targeting system of the star destroyer. When the targeting systems are dealt with, it will become a lot easier to defeat star destroyer in Star Wars Squadron. It will make the attacking system weaker and cause most of the attacks shot by star destroyers to miss targets. The targeting system is located in the middle of the top of the warship.


Then Head to Destroy the Power System

The power system is your last target. When you have destroyed the power system in Star Wars Squadrons, the battle will be over. It is a dome-shaped structure right under the ship. Go down and destroy the power system. This will open up some weak points, which you can then target to deal massive damage to star destroyer and defeat it.

Best Tips to Defeat Star Destroyer in Star Wars Squadrons

star wars squadrons destroy the power system

Don’t Waste your Time on Already Damaged Hull Section

When you deal damage to any section of a hull, that part turns black and starts to emit fire. This is a clear hint that the part cannot take any more damage and it is worthless to keep on going at it. Hence, you need to ensure that you keep targeting different sections of the hull on each run.

Concentrate Your Power at a Single Point

You need to make a fine balance of rerouting your power and shields while destroying star destroyer. Rerouting power to a single point will help take down any system quickly. On the other hand, focusing the power of shields to a single point will minimize your vulnerability when you are busy attacking the star destroyer.

Use the Most Powerful Weapons and Ships

Aircraft are essential when it comes to taking down enemies’ ships on the battlefield. You need to ensure that you enter the fight with the best of aircraft and weapons available to easily defeat star destroyer. Some of the best weapons to use are high-damage auxiliary weapons such as ion missile, torpedo, or beam cannon. The best airship to use for defeating star destroyer is Y-Wings.

Defeat Enemy Fighter Squadrons

It is obvious that you won’t be able to focus your fight on star destroyer unless you take down any enemy fighter squadrons out there. Hence first, take down the smaller squadrons and then aim for destroying the star destroyer.

Keep on practicing

There’s no denial to it that practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, if you want to get perfect in defeating star destroyers easily, the best way to learn is by practicing. You can head to the main menu and select training with star destroyers. This will help you get used to fighting with the star destroyer, and you can also practice the above-mentioned tactics in this practice mode.

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to destroy star destroyer in Star Wars Squadrons. But as mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that you level up quickly before getting into a fight with a star destroyer or else you will keep on losing. You should also learn how to fly fast in the game, or else taking down star destroyer will become a lot more challenging.