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How To Scan Targets In Star Wars Squadrons

Scanning in Star Wars Squadrons will give you information about the spaceship. Check out how to find target and scan in Star Wars Squadrons

Scanning in Star Wars Squadrons lets you get a complete picture of the target, these scans will also enable you to check out the cargo ships for refugees among many other things. You will need to use scan when playing as the Rebel Alliance as well the Imperial Army in Star Wars Squadrons. If you want to know about how to scan in Star Wars Squadron, here’s how you do it.


How To Scan In Star Wars Squadrons

Both opposing factions will entrust you with a bunch of objectives in Star Wars Squadrons, your first scan job is right at the beginning of your adventure with the Imperial Army when you first join the faction as a pilot.

You will have to pilot a tie fighter and scan different cargo ships for refugees, to scan these ships all you have to do is have them dead center in front of you. Once you have the target you want to scan in your sights, press the scan button.

how to scan in star wars squadrons

To check the scan button, open up your settings, and then proceed over to the Controls option that will be beside the Mission & Objective tab. Here you will find a key assigned to Select Target Ahead. By default, the scan button on the PC will be T.

Holding down on this button will scan the ship in front of you and you will be able to see how many people are in there and if they’re trying to smuggle something or are pretending to be someone else.


You can also change your target that you want to scan by changing the scan targets, by default this button will be S on PC.

Toggle through the targets that are in front of you and once you’re aligned with the target in front of you. You can hold down the scan button and get more information about it. This is all there is to know about how to scan in Star Wars Squadrons.

Star Wars Squadrons gives the players to play both as the rebel alliance or as the imperial army and is one of the best experiences in flying a battleship in any Star Wars game ever. While you’re here you should not miss out on checking out how to destroy the mighty Star Destroyer in Star Wars Squadrons.