How To Aim At Your Targets In Star Wars Squadrons Easily

Your Aim in Star Wars Squadrons will help you not only track your enemies but also scan by keeping your target in sight in Star Wars Squadron

Aiming in Star Wars Squadrons works a lot differently than in the Star Wars Battlefront series, here you do not have the option of auto-aim but there are different ways in which you can aim, attack, and take down your enemies in the game. If you want to know about how to aim in Star Wars Squadrons, this guide will show you exactly how to do it.

How To Aim In Star Wars Squadrons

Flying a spaceship is a dream of many people all over the world and with the chance of getting to play as either a rebel or an imperial you will get to choose a bunch of different ships in Star Wars Squadrons.

The entire game is based upon recon missions and epic dogfights that will captivate your attention and make you fly through space at lightspeed. Aiming is a crucial element in Star Wars Squadrons as you will need to take down opposing factions in the game.

If you want to aim in Star Wars Squadrons, you will have to position your spacecraft so that your enemy is in front of you and keep them in place for the aim lock to kick in. To do this, fly directly to your opponent and keep them in your crosshairs.

how to aim in Star Wars Squadrons

You have the option of using your laser beams or missiles in Star Wars Squadrons, missiles have trackers on them and will chase their targets. This works best for enemies that aren’t mobile and are stationary in space.

For enemies that are constantly on the move, you will have to keep flying and chasing your opponent so that you can have them in your crosshair and use either missiles or lasers to take them down.

You will often face off against multiple opponents is Star Wars Squadrons and you will have to change targets and you can even change targets to change your focus on another battleship in the game.

To change targets, simply press F on your keyboard and you’ll get to see available targets that you can chase around immediately.

This is all there is to know about how to aim in Star Wars Squadrons, now that you know how to aim, why not check out how to take down a Star Destroyer in Star Wars Squadrons.