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How To Get Aluminium In Spiritfarer

Here's how to get Aluminium in Spiritfarer. With this guide, you will know where to find Aluminium and what you need to do to get your hands on it.

During your tasks of fulfilling the requests of Spirits, you will receive one such request of getting Aluminium in Spiritfarer. It is not blatantly clear where you should look in order to collect this resource but that’s where we will help you out. In this Spiritfarer Aluminium guide, we will explain where to get Aluminium easily.

Where to Find Aluminium in Spiritfarer Fast


The reason why you might not be able to locate Aluminium is because you don’t have hte Ice Breaker boat upgrade. The resource you are eagerly looking for is beyond the ice which is why this specific upgrade is essential to move forward.

How to Get the Ice Breaker Upgrade

You have to acquire the required materials and visit Albert’s Shipyard to purchase the upgrade from him. The things you need are:


Head over to our linked guides to know how to get those individual items. If you have been mining, exploring, diving and cutting trees, you might already have these resources.

Once you get the Ice Breaker Ship upgrade, you can get access to more new areas and collect newer resources. So this should be your first goal in your quest to obtain Aluminium.


Now, to get Aluminium fast, you have to meet the Aluminium Dragon which has this material on its body that you have to collect. Apart from that, you can get it from Aluminium deposits on various islands too.

That’s how to get Aluminium in Spiritfarer fast and easily. Don’t miss our other Spiritfarer guides in case you get stuck in your journey. For example, how to use and upgrade Windmill, and how to get Clear Glass Sheet. We will be covering more tips and tricks to gather items, resources and more right here on Gamer Tweak.